How To Add Clickable Link To Instagram Reels, Posts, and Bio?

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How To Add Clickable Link To Instagram Reels, Posts, and Bio?

 The number of activities you can perform on Instagram has increased exponentially since the app was first launched in the year 2010. It is possible to add the GIF that shows Taylor Swift winking to your Story and do a live Q& with your followers, or even make your grid one huge image.

 But the one thing that seems to still remain elusive to Instagram users is URLs.

 Adding links to your Instagram used to be difficult, and today it's a matter of moving (or a lot of followers). However, by the time you've completed this guide, you'll know everything you have to know about how to add link to Instagram reel, Posts, and bios.

 How do you add a clickable link to Instagram's bio?

 One of the most effective methods of redirecting your viewers to your intended destination e.g. website, video, etc. is by adding a link to it in your Instagram bio. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

   Start Instagram on your phone and tap on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.  


   Click on"Edit" on your Profile button to change your Instagram Bio.  

   Copy the link to your desired destination e.g. URL of a website, video, channel, etc. Paste it into the Website field.

   Press the tick button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to save changes.  

   That's it. You've successfully added an easy-to-click link to your Instagram Bio.

 How do you add a hyperlink to Instagram Story?

 The only option to share a hyperlink on Instagram was in your bio. This has led to the ever-popular caption-end sentence "link in bio."

 The good news is that Instagram was able to recognize the need for easy URL positioning and in 2017, it became possible for some (though there aren't all) accounts to add hyperlinks in their Stories. If you're using the feature below, you can follow these steps to make sure you can use it:

   Open your Instagram app.    

   Press the Story Camera at the upper-left corner of the screen.

   Upload a photo or video or shoot one with the Story Camera. 

   The chain link icon is located at the top of your screen.

   Follow the link.

   Press Done. 

   Tell us about your story.

 After your Story is uploaded, visitors will be able to visit the page by simply tapping the Story.

 Who is able to put an Instagram Story link? 

 As mentioned before, not everyone has access to the URL feature on their Instagram Stories. You get access to Story Links by meeting the below requirements:

   You have over 10,000 followers.  

   Your account is verified. 

 There's no way of becoming a verified account (other of requesting the much-coveted Verified Badge), so the only real way to achieve this is by building your followers or by using what seems to be the only workaround.

 How can I add a link to the IGTV video?

 The title and description are included when you are publishing the video. Complete the fields once you uploaded a video. Do not forget to turn on the button Post a Preview active. The description is copied to the preview on the Instagram feed.

 It is also possible to include links to the description of the Instagram video you have posted. It is essential to reveal the three dots menu when watching the video and click Edit.

 Call the Edit menu of an unpublished preview, as you do with an ordinary post.

 What are other ways of sharing links using Instagram posts?

 You can inform people about where to find the links rather than including them in a post. Follow the same steps we have described in our article on links in Instagram Stories.

   Tagging users. You can tag a user either under a blog post or by putting it on an image. The links that are under a post will always be displayed. Tags on a photo or video are displayed once tapping them, or the portrait icon.

   Direct. Instruct users to DM you, and that you'll send them the link in return. Request them to type an additional comment in the comments for them to receive the link via DM. Then send the link in Direct to all who wrote it. This also gives you the chance to talk to your audience and build relationships and more connections, which can be beneficial for your business.  


 We've listed all possible ways How to add links to Instagram reels, stories, posts, DM, and bios. We hope your search on how to add links to reels comes to an end here.

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