How to Assign Value to Google Analytics?

How to Assign Value to Google Analytics?
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Google analytics is really a big deal when it comes to analyze the success to achieve certain milestone in business. Today it is very easy to figure out things like in multichannel funnel reports how are default conversions credited and finding conversion rate aptly. Similarly you can set certain goals for your business by assigning a standard for every goal and can trace it on Google analytics. Here you will be able to get a complete guide about assigning value to these goals in Google analytics. By following these steps you can fill data for your goals and then compare your website for fulfilling these goals through conversion. Have a look below on it:

Why it is important to assign value to Goals in Google Analytics?

It is very crucial for every business to analyze the performance regularly by setting certain standards. It gives a clear picture about the growth and success rate of the business through Google analytics. So is the case with setting goal values for your business and then comparing your performance for every sort of goal through Google analytics.  For example if you have a set a goal value for meeting a certain milestone in business then you can figure out how you stand in your business to chase that goal through Google analytics. Goals gives you a clear idea about where you are standing in your business and how long it will take to chase a certain milestone. So make sure that you are not taking this lightly when it comes to grow your business on success line.

Different goals to assign value in Google Analytics?

Based on the type of business venture you have made you can set different types of goals and assign value to them. For example

  • Destination goals

People having an online business site can set goals related to customer purchasing their services and products in set time frame.

  • Visit goals for completing tasks on site

This type of goals are based on the data which tells you about the number of people completing certain tasks on your site.

  • Duration Goals for sites like education

Similarly those having education site can set duration goals for the number of people turning up to their platform and for what time duration.

Apart from it there are other types of goals we have to which we can also assign value like event goals etc.

A complete guide to assign value in Google analytics

So if you are looking for your solution about how to assign value in Google analytics here is a complete guide for you. By following these steps you can easily assign a value to any goal in Google analytics to critically examine the rate of conversion.

  1. Just have an access to your Google Analytics account to assign value to goals.
  2. Just go to the admin page where you need to make necessary editing.
  3. In the next step you have to click on the View section.
  4. Now further move your cursor to goals and click on it.
  5. You can assign the standard value to your goal as per your requirement and strategy.

Google analytics>>Sign in>>Admin page>>view section>>Goals>>Assign value>>Complete.

So this is how you can assign value on Google analytics easily. It is going to take just few steps on your side to accomplish the task.

Is there any relevance of assigning value to goals in business?

When it comes to assign value to different goals in business it gives a very clear idea about the rate of conversion in actual. You can analyze for your business that how many people are purchasing after visiting your site once, twice and so on. More if you are having a task oriented site then you can set goals to know that how long it take to convince people to complete certain task on the platform. Based on these details one can easily see the outcome and milestone achievements in a business. You can strengthen your positive points by taking an idea from Google analytics report in this way. So yes we can say that it is very relevant for any business to assign value to a goal to find the conversion related data.


So if you are also curious and eager to stay connected with the continuous performance of your business then make sure to use Google analytics. Set your goals by assigning value to them and then you can see how long you are able to fulfil these goals. There are people who are using Google analytics for their business in every way wither to prepare custom reports or analyzing certain specific aspects of the business. It gives a clear picture about your business journey whether it is heading towards success or stagnant for a long while. 

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