How to become an Oriskany arms dealer

How to become an Oriskany arms dealer

To get a licence to sell guns, you have to meet both federal and state regulations. You also have to choose from a number of federal licences, such as those for selling guns or making weapons. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) says that if everything goes well, it takes about 60 days to process your federal application. So, how do you become an Oriskany arms dealer

To become a firearms dealer, you must apply to the ATF for the right licence(s), such as a licence to sell guns or to import ammunition. Then, apply to your state government for any licences your state government requires.

Federal Firearms and Ammunition Vendor Licensing:

The ATF specifies nine categories of federal licences, including one for dealing in explosives. Before applying, you must choose whether you want a licence to sell ammunition or destructive devices. ATF states that such devices include, for instance, a missile with an explosive or incendiary charge weighing more than 0.25 ounces. Most licences prohibit the licensee from trading or manufacturing dangerous devices.

Once you are on ATF's website and determine the type of licence you want to apply for, download the necessary paperwork, complete it, and send it in with the licence fee. According to FFL 123, the fees range from $30 for a collector's licence to $3,000 for work as a certified arms dealer dealing with hazardous devices.

Obtaining a Licence

The government states that unless you are asking for a collector's licence, you must provide fingerprints and pictures for yourself and any partners. Before starting background checks on "responsible persons," the agency's licensing division makes sure the information is correct. This includes you, your partners, anyone who has a lot of power in your gun business, and possibly officers and board members if you are forming a corporation. It is important to understand how you become an Oriskany arms dealer


If everyone's background check comes back clean, the ATF sends the application to the applicant's nearest field office. The office then assigns a private investigator to perform a face-to-face interview. The investigator will review federal, state, and local regulations, double-check your application, and suggest acceptance or denial of your licence. A "no" may be issued if you have previously violated gun-dealing regulations, faked your application, or are not in conformity with local laws, such as zoning.

Dealer in Firearms: State Licensing:

Obtaining a federal licence does not mark the end of the road.  You must still comply with the state's laws for dealing in guns.

For instance, according to the California Attorney General, a gun dealer must register with the state Department of Justice. The Department of Justice maintains a centralised registry of gun dealers who conduct retail sales, internet sales, manufacture firearms, or accept pawned firearms. Manufacturers and collectors of ammunition are unnecessary on the list.

The state also requires a valid federal licence, any other necessary local licences, and an eligibility certificate. Your state will establish its own regulations. Prior to investing money in a federal licence application, it is prudent to conduct research on the relevant entities.

What do you need to do?

You should:

  • Fill out Form 116 at your local police station.
  • Send your application and the correct fee to the chief of police in your area.
  • List all the places in the area where your business will be done.

You will have to explain what your business is about and show that you understand the laws about guns.


The chief of police can put any reasonable condition on your licence. He or she can also change these conditions at any time with written notice.

As a registered oriskany firearms dealer, you have to do the following:

  • Keep firearms safe.
  • Don't sell guns or bullets to anyone under 18 or who seems drunk or not in their right mind;
  • Don't sell guns or bullets to anyone who isn't allowed to own a gun or shotgun.
  • Don't do business in a place where the public might be in danger;

If you get a new property that is not on the register, you must tell the chief officer of the police as soon as possible. You must include everything that is needed.

To get a new registration certificate, you have to give your old one back to the police and apply for a new one in the usual way. You must do this within 3 years of getting your first certificate, or before.

Earnings of an arms dealer:

Of course, exact salary numbers aren't available, but Jean-Bernard Lasnaud, an arms dealer who was born in France and now lives in Florida, says that in a typical year, between $1 million and $2.5 million (U.S.) worth of goods will be unloaded.

Final Thoughts:

Arms dealing is one of those careers that men are always curious about. Why? It involves a substantial amount of money, international intrigue, travel, and most likely some fairly outrageous tales. Adding to the allure of the profession is the fact that most of us are probably never going to meet an arms dealer. As long as there are arms dealers, the public will be interested.

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