How To Boost Engagement With TikTok Comments? - Trollishly

How To Boost Engagement With TikTok Comments? - Trollishly

TikTok is famous for its trendy dances and viral videos. Without any doubt that the endless entertaining content immerses users into the platform. Active users, in a minute, watch approximately 167 million videos. It makes TikTok so enticing for its users, and likely they watch and creating video content entertainment content often. 

As per the studies, TikTok has surpassed over 1 billion active users, influencing businesses and creators to likely use this platform to boost their online presence. By utilizing TikTok features, brands can increase content visibility and drive engagement. However, to connect with a wide range of users, brands need to buy tiktok likes and should utilize the interactive features. 

In this instance, TikTok comments entered a clear picture and played a crucial role in highly interacting with the customers. So here, let's walk through this article to learn about TikTok comments and how it helps to drive engagement. 

Why Is It Important To Take Advantage Of TikTok Comments?

You probably know that TikTok suggests videos to users as per their searches and interest. So it's with the working of the TikTok algorithm. However, you must understand that several factors will be crucial in finalizing the decision. One of the engagement factors is TikTok comments which are more important than likes or views. The fact is that liking and viewing a video does not need to make a lot of effort. But, it is essential to focus on the TikTok comments. This is because TikTok comments act as a trustworthy source among viewers. 

Once people watch the videos, they will always like to spend a few seconds and think about whether to leave a comment or not. However, few users will open the comment section to read and get to know the true information. So, brands or businesses should focus on TikTok comments rather than likes or views. Building trust, attracting customers, and enhancing online presence is worth considering. 

Trollishly: Best Ways To Take Control Of Your Comments 

Do you want to take control of your comments? If yes, check out the comments settings on TikTok. Once you explore the comments section, you will know how to use this feature securely. There are two options:

  1. Choose who gets to comments 
  • Everyone [public accounts - anyone can leave a comment]
  • Followers [private accounts - only your followers can leave a comment]
  • Friends [Only allows your friend's followers to follow you and leave a comment]
  • No one [No one can leave a comment]
  1. Filtering Comments

There are various features on TikTok, and you must be aware of them. Mainly, when it comes to TikTok comments, you have to manage your comments. It's now possible by clicking on the filtering comments option. There are three ways to filter comments:

  • Filter all comments 
  • Filter spam and offensive comments
  • Filter keywords [specific keywords]

TikTok Comments: Tips & Tricks To Drive Engagement

Of course, you have got to know the importance of comments on TikTok, which benefits you. Now, it's the right time to determine how to get more users' comments on TikTok and take advantage of it to uplift your engagement rate. So, let's read this article to find effective ways to boost engagement with TikTok comments. 

#1 Ask Relevant Questions

Do you want users to interact with your TikTok content? If yes, the great way is to ask reliable questions that let the audience know what to comment on. Ultimately, it inspires viewers, and they will quickly answer the question. Even the people who don't have an idea to comment will also like to leave a comment. To get a great response from the users, start leveraging Trollishly and best stay up on the line. 

For instance: If you are a fashion brand or designer, then you can share different styles of wearing the same piece of clothing. Also, you can ask the viewers how they like to style it. At the same time, it's super easy to build a great bond with potential customers. 

#2 Put A Question To Get Viewer's Feedback

You can ask a question on your TikTok videos and ask them to comment. It will help you to get lots of feedback from users who like to share their incredible experiences. If they convey their preference and needs, you can know how to deal with them. So pay close attention to your comments section and take the necessary steps to implement their suggestions or feedback. 

For instance, Icebox put a question to their viewers in a video about a diamond Kakashi pendant to know which character to use next. Many people give feedback to this, and the video gets thousands of comments about the next character they want to watch in the brand's videos. 

#3 Create Content To Respond To Relevant Comments

TikTok offers a new way to create content to reply to specific comments from your already posted videos. In contrast, the previous comments will be spotlighted to help the viewers of the video that got a response. So make use of this feature the most and address the significant queries of your question. They will likely purchase your brand if it is helpful for them. 

#4 Respond Immediately

Quick response is more important than whatever they comment on, making them take action on purchasing your product. As we discussed in the first point, there is no need to ask questions. That you have simply asked them to leave an emoji reaction. It will be immensely better and improve the user's experience. 

#5 Engage With Genuine Comments

Many users express their interest and appreciate you in the comments section. It should that how much they had a craze on watching your content, your style, brand's value, and your products. Also, it's a great place for users where they ask questions about featuring the products in the video or something. 

You have to engage with the comments that the users share by immediately responding to them. It will make them feel that they are always welcome. So, engage them and inspire them to include their comments in your video. 

Wrapping It Up

Do you want to build your customers' trust among customers on the TikTok platform? If yes, utilize TikTok comments and serve at your best. Whereas taking advantage of TikTok comments is best for creators, brands, and users to connect. Alright! Have you got a clear idea of TikTok comments after reading this article? If yes, get people commenting and drive more engagement. 

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