How To Change Server On Mastodon?

How To Change Server On Mastodon?

Are you struggling to change servers for Mastodon and aren't sure how Mastodon Server Wechseln is? You're in the right place. In this post, we will explore how to change the server on Mastodon.

In April, the platform was launched. Mastodon is a completely free and free-of-cost social media system. Instead of having an administrator server managed by the platform, or a corporation, Mastodon is a decentralized social media network that lets users create their own servers, and offers the possibility to switch servers.


Mastodon is a microblogging site that is similar to Twitter. It does however have a few key differences - the users Toot in place of Tweet, for instance, just to mention one.

The main difference though is that each user must join a particular server, while their Local Timeline will display only posts by people who belong to this server.

You can read posts on other servers if wish on the Federated Timeline. It provides a huge variety of posts from different servers.

Users are also able to communicate with people on other servers. Similar to how an Outlook email address is able to communicate with Yahoo addresses, if you connect with a Yahoo address, both users will have different content on their timelines.

The concept behind server concept is that the server or Instance, in the way they are known, will form an individual community of members with a common interests.

How do I change the Mastodon server?

Follow these steps to find out how to modify the Mastodon server:

  • Register new server
  • Open a new to your account
  • Select "Moving from another account"
  • Use the old account handle
  • Head to account
  • Choose "Moving to another account"
  • After that, enter the new account's handle.

Based on the concept of "federation," Mastodon is an open system, meaning that anyone is able to run the program and then install it, and then manage their own server, as opposed to relying upon a single individual or entity to manage its infrastructure. Similar to how email works in other ways, the federation makes it simple to exchange messages across multiple Mastodon servers.

Each server, also known as an instance, is overseen by its owner, who decides on its own rules. Mastodon is an open-access hub for general-purpose use. social and mastodon.XYZ is just a couple of examples. There are many reasons that lead to switching servers with Mastodon because it lets users set up their own servers. Switching Mastodon servers is the best possible method to avoid losing your followers

  • Join a new server.
  • Select Account > Moving TO another account using the menu.
  • Use the handle for the previous account.
  • Switching to a different Account on the OLD server, under Account Access.
  • Enter the new account's handle and click submit.

These strategies allow you to quickly move all of your followers. However, the posts and other media are still archived on the old site.

How to Change Server on Mastodon Without Losing Followers

Every server is controlled by its owner who decides on its rules. The open access has all the authority of the mastodon. There are multiple causes to alter Mastodon servers due to the establishment of servers. Switching Mastodon servers is the best way to avoid losing the followers of Mastodon:

  1. Sign up for a new server.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Switch to another account via the menu.
  4. Enter the handle for this account.
  5. Log in to a different account on the server you were using Under Account Access.
  6. Enter the handle of the new account and then click submit.

These methods help for the fast transfer of followers. However, posts and other content will remain on the original site.

What are the things to take into consideration when designing what to consider when creating a Mastodon server?

The creation of backup details is the very first thing to do when you're making the move to an entirely new system. The process is simple with the Data Export tab on the "Import and Export" page. On this page you can download your followers', muted users', and the lists of blocked users. They must be manually transferred to the new account with the CSV file that you will need to download manually.

Any ActivityPub software can access an archive that you can obtain by clicking on the "Import and Export" tab. The archive includes all of your media and posts. In case the server is in transition after a crash there will be a copy of every post you've ever made. Select Request your archive on Preferences Data export to accomplish this. When the archive is ready, it is available for download from this website; however, you must be aware that it's only your posts and material and not your lists of following counts, bookmarks, blocked accounts, or muted domains.

After downloading all archive files, log in to an account at your new host, and import the CSV files that you downloaded from your old server. For this, you must open the Preferences Import page. Select the type of file you want to import from the Import Type drop-down menu. Websites, accounts, and individuals you block or mute will all be imported, and they will be displayed on your new server. While you are importing you are able to delete any data that is already in place or add new information to the existing information.

After notifying both of the accounts of the other account's existence and proving ownership, you can move your followers to the new account. You can choose to create a redirection, which connects your existing and new accounts and directs those who are looking for you on the old account to your new account.

Wrapping Up

I hope the article helped to clarify how to change the server on Mastodon. Although it's not brand new within the world of social media, most people are unaware.


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