How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

The majority of refrigerators have a vent in the back, which runs through the fins to create cooling effects. This causes warm, moist air inside the refrigerator. The humid air could cause mildew and mold to form on the coils in the refrigerator. This can block airflow and decreases the efficiency of your refrigerator.

The Working Principles of Evaporator Coil in a Refrigerator

Evaporators are also referred to as condensers that evaporate. The evaporator (cooling) coil typically cools by allowing airflow flow over it, thereby providing the ability to cool separately from the fridge compartment. This airflow helps cool down the cooling evaporator and could also transport droplets of water away. The cooling system of the refrigerator can also supply separate streams of air-cooled to cool the refrigerator's interior as well as freezer cooling.

Working Principle of Evaporator Coil in a Refrigerator


An evaporator is a machine that converts the liquid into gas. Evaporators are employed in numerous industrial processes, like desalination, power generation, and desalination. to cool liquids like water to eliminate excessive humidity that could cause corrosion issues in structures or equipment and also regulate the temperature of the air moving through air conditioning and ventilation systems to ensure comfort.


Evaporation is a method by the course of which a solid, liquid, or gas transforms into gas. It happens when heat energy is added to a material and the molecules begin to move more freely due to an increase in kinetic energy until the temperature of the substance is sufficiently high that it shifts from being a liquid into being evaporated.


Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are heat exchanger that transmits the heat generated by your refrigerator into the air around it that aiding in the cooling of the refrigerator. Evaporators are found in fridges and car refrigerators as well as in-home iceboxes. When electricity is pumped into the coils turns warm, and the fridge takes the heat away from food items.


The Signs of a Dirty Refrigerator Coil

If your refrigerator has these symptoms, then you should be sure to check the Evaporator coil for any issues.

- Air Conditioning Loses Cooling Capacity

If the cooling capacity of your refrigerator has decreased, it could be due to dirty coils on your refrigerator. The refrigerator is more cool than normal due to plenty of warmth in the refrigerator.

- Air Conditioning runs longer

In certain situations, the refrigerator may cease cooling completely because the humidity is excessive in the refrigerator.

-- Odors are a result of Refrigerator

If you've been noticing an unpleasant smell emanating through your refrigerator some time or when you open your fridge and a dust cloud is released after a few days of not being open, it's time to scrub the refrigerator's coils.

- Coil develops frost during operation

The coil of the refrigerator develops the appearance of frost while operating, which can, in turn, cause that the fridge to lose its cooling capacity, operate longer, and even cease to function. If you do find an appliance with an unclean coil it is crucial to take care to resolve this issue immediately as the refrigerator won't be able to cool enough.

How do you clean refrigerator coils?

Easybom can provide step-by-step directions for the cleaning of refrigerator coils.

1.) Unplug the refrigerator.

To prevent any electrical leakage, the refrigerator should be disconnected from the power source. In addition, remove the refrigerator from the wall. This will allow you to complete the next steps more easily.

2.) Unwind the coil.

It is usually done by removing screws or cutting off a panel at the side of the refrigerator.

3.) Cleanse the coil with the help of a solution for cleaning coils (i.e. the coil cleaning solution).

It is usually accomplished by filling the spray bottle with water and then applying the spray to your coil. Allow the solution to soak for about 10 minutes. Also, be sure not to let any liquid drip down onto the refrigerator's coils that are outside the freezer as this could result in their corroding.

4.) Cleanse the coil using a brush for cleaning coils.

It is important to note that the coil has numerous fins that are small, therefore the use of a brush to clean it will aid to clean the coil.

Coil Develops Frost During Operation

5.) Replace the panel and coil or screw the panel into the refrigerator.

Be aware that if there is rust on the coil, where it connects to the refrigerator, then you'll be required to coat the coil with oil or an anti-rust solution to stop the rust from forming over time.


If you're looking for quick fixes this is how you can clean the evaporator coil and not remove it:

1) Use dryer sheets place 1-2 dryer sheets on the coils' fins and close the doors.

2.) Allow sitting for 12 hours. This will remove all moisture from the interior of your refrigerator.

3.) Repeat each week if you need to.

Author's Point

If you have an appliance that has an unclean coil It is important to get the coils cleaned quickly since the refrigerator won't keep cool for a prolonged duration. To ensure that your refrigerator is operating efficiently and ensure that you aren't losing money, it's essential to clean the evaporator coils every once each year.

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