How to Create a Professional Grade Website with WordPress Anime Theme?

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The World Wide Web is a unique source of information that contains an incredible amount of data. People are accustomed to opening their regular browser when they need to buy goods, find educational content, download a movie, listen to music, or even start a business project. However, in addition to commercial purposes and entertainment, the network is also a place that unites millions of people, depending on their interests. Social media, forums, and thematic online stores are where you can find like-minded individuals or order unique products related to your hobbies.

The anime community has millions of members around the world. Some prefer to discuss their favorite titles on the forum; others surf the Internet searching for a schedule for releasing episodes of Attack on Titan or One Piece. There are also those who regularly buy merchandise with their favorite characters or update their manga collection. Each user's request is unique, but the anime community's main location is still online. This is why creating a thematic website can bring you good profits. Let's find out the easiest way to construct a cool professional-level website with no developer skills with a WordPress anime theme from Template Monster

Why Choose WordPress — Pros and Cons

WordPress is the best choice for several reasons when it comes to picking a platform to build a website.

  1. Low project development cost.

The CMS itself is free to install and use. All your spending is limited to the domain name and hosting costs. When it comes to design, here, you also have a choice. First, you can contact a developer to build everything from scratch. And the second and most popular option is to find a suitable ready-made template, whose cost usually ranges from $50 to $250, which is several times cheaper than the previous option.


  1. User-friendly platform.

You don't need special skills to manage your web resource. You can perform many, even the most radical, changes through the control panel. This applies not only to content editing but also to the design itself. The platform offers an excellent drag-and-drop model-based visual editor, which is ideal for absolute beginners. In addition, you are free to install extra plugins like Elementor or WPBakery.

  1. 100% Responsiveness.

Creating a responsive website in an era where people prefer not to be limited to one gadget is extremely important. Besides, the number of unique mobile users has exceeded 5 billion, which continues to grow rapidly. Different operating systems, screen resolutions, and pixel densities — responsive CMS automatically solves all problems related to the correct display of web pages.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Ready.

Ranking in search engines determines the success of any web resource. Imagine that you have built your blog or online store on a non-SEO-friendly platform. Google or another search engine will just ignore your pages, resulting in extremely low traffic and making your website's existence pointless. WordPress offers many tools to help increase conversions and make your store or blog competitive.

Ready-made WordPress Anime Theme vs. Developing from Scratch

So, if you decide to go digital with WordPress, as mentioned above, you have two options: code from scratch or choose a pre-designed theme.

The first way offers you complete freedom regarding the look and concept of your website. However, there is one nuance — in fact, it is not you who have freedom of action, but the developer. When choosing a custom project, you never know for sure what the final result will look like, which often leads to disappointment because such a service has a rather high price tag. Also, be prepared that you'll have to contact the developers again to make changes or "restore" the code. At the same time, ready-made WordPress anime themes have an extensive list of advantages, in particular:

  • Low price. Since you don't have to pay for the services of an expert, you save a lot by purchasing a design on popular marketplaces.

  • Time-saving. The templates are always ready to go, which means you can have a website up and running in a matter of hours after the design is installed.

  • You know what the final result will look like. Most studios and developers place demo versions or screenshots of pre-designed pages in their product descriptions.

  • Extra features. Many theme packs come with pre-installed plugins, protecting you from the time-consuming search for must-have software. Pre-made items often include bonus visual editors, online store add-ons, web forms, trending UI/UX element implementations, live chat, analytical extensions, and more.

Where to Download a Good WordPress Anime Theme

If you are interested in buying a WordPress anime theme but absolutely have no idea where to start, check out the TemplateMonster catalog. The digital store is among the top-ranked market leaders, offering thousands of outstanding designs for different business niches.

In addition, becoming a client of the marketplace, you'll be pleasantly surprised by such cool features as:

  • Free 24/7 technical support with the purchase of a premium product for 6 months.

  • Regular discounts on high-quality items.

  • The possibility of obtaining a premium subscription that opens unlimited access to download thousands of products for the price of one or two per year.

  • A wide range of services can help you improve and promote your website based on the anime WordPress theme.

Check product reviews and demos before adding to the cart to find your perfect theme pack!

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