How To Deactivate Instagram Account 2 Times In A Week

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How To Deactivate Instagram Account 2 Times In A Week

Instagram has many exciting and captivating features for its users such as IG reels or Instagram stories that allow them to consume videos and other content. But, it's normal to want to get off of your social media apps to detox. If you want to learn how to disable your Instagram account twice a week and also have some free time on social media then you should follow the steps mentioned below.

The app Instagram has grown a lot over time and has many users. In light of this, Instagram lets users disable their accounts whenever they'd like and can allow it to be enabled again as well. There are however some limitations to deactivating your account repeatedly and again. That is why you might need to learn how to deactivate your Instagram account 2 times a week.

How Do I Deactivate My Account Twice a Week?

While the majority of users remove their Instagram accounts at least once per week, it's also possible to shut down your account twice in the same row. Unless you change your phone numbers, Instagram will not delete your Instagram account forever. Fortunately, you can change an email or username, without cancelling your account. This is how you can do it. First, open your account with a browser. If you don't use a web browser, you can go to Instagram's help page.

Activating the app is as simple as signing in. First, sign in to your account with the username you used and your password. After that, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Temporarily disable my account." After you've selected the reason you want to deactivate your account, you'll need to enter your password once more. If you choose to activate your account in the future, you can do this through entering the credentials again.

The limit on how many times you can shut down an Instagram account per week is one day. Instagram has set this limit in order to stop inappropriate behavior. If you remove your account in excess of that it is likely that you will send out negative messages on Instagram. If you receive a notification that your account is removed, you may appeal for a hearing within the period of 30 days. After a week your account will be permanently removed. This limit prevents people from harassing people or getting harassed.

What's the Difference Between Temporarily Deactivating Your Account and Deleting It?

Instagram is filled with different media, and in this day and age society, the content can get overwhelming and unbearable to your mental health. In addition, you may also be the victim of cyberbullying. Even though Instagram will take steps to prevent that, it might be best to avoid the platform to take care of yourself.

Disabling your account temporarily means your profile photo as well as your posts, comments and likes will be hidden from your followers as well as from the public until you reinstate. When your followers search for you by username, after they're unable to find your profile, nothing will show up. But your username is secure and will not be used by anyone till you reactivate.

On the other hand the deletion of your account permanently will mean that your comments, posts as well as likes and photos of your profile will forever be deleted from Instagram. If you're fortunate enough that your username not to be taken by the time you decide to return then you'll have the option of keeping your username. If you back up your information prior to deleting it, Instagram gives you the grace of 30 days before it deletes your information, and you're forced to begin again.

How Can I Delete My Instagram Account in 2 Days?

If you'd like to deactivate your Instagram account and you've wondered how to accomplish this. To complete this process you'll need to go to a separate page to remove your account. You'll be asked to enter your password and username. It will ask you why you'd like to deactivate your account. Make sure to provide an explanation that is valid if you are considering reactivation. Once you've completed this process, you'll be taken to an online page that allows you to confirm the deletion request.

The next step is to reach Instagram support. You'll need to have access to your account username, email address and password. In the event that you've misplaced your password, the reset option is using your email. Otherwise, you'll have to call Instagram support to request your account reinstated. Once your account has been shut down, it's kept from view by the public. But, it's possible to reinstate it within 30 days. There are other options to uninstall Instagram if unhappy with the service.

Final Words

This article explains how to remove your Instagram account two times a week if you would like to disable your IG account again.

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