How To Delete Instagram Highlight

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How To Delete Instagram Highlight

No matter if it's just one photo or the whole collection, it's simple to delete any of your Instagram highlights. Highlights can be a fantastic way to arrange your temporary posts so that they're always on your profile page. But, you might want to change them with time. To do this start by tapping to view a highlight collection and then click "More" options to delete one post or modify the collection.

On the edit page, it's possible to uncheck multiple photos or videos that you've uploaded for the highlights that you've curated. If you do not uncheck the entire list, you'll be prompted with a message confirming you'd like to delete all of it. This is how to delete a highlight on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Highlight?

An Instagram Highlight is a feature that allows users to create a group of related stories and then displays them as a collection on their profile.

Highlights can be used to display diverse aspects of your life, such as fashion, travel, and family.

You can also use Highlights to tell a story or create an online mini-blog for your profile.


How can you remove highlights from Instagram?

Step-1 Open Instagram Application If you're planning to delete highlights, it is important to be aware of how to do it using the Instagram application. Open it to get going with the steps.

  • In the event that your Instagram application is uninstalled due to any possibility, you are able to install it for free by using the play store or app store.
  • Don't forget to sign into your account prior to going through the steps.

Step 2: Click on the Profile Icon Step 3: Once you have logged into your Instagram account, go to the icon for your profile as shown by the photo below. From there, you can access your profile information.

  • Story highlights are included in your profile.
  • So, whenever someone comes across your profile, they'll look at these highlights as well as your bio and profile photo.

Step 3 Short Presses on Highlights To remove Instagram highlights, you must press long on a particular highlight. After doing this, specific options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 Choose the option to delete Highlight: From all the options, select"Delete highlight. In this way, the entire highlight is erased.

  • If you wish to remove an individual story from your top stories then you must take a couple of steps.
  • Everything is the same, you just need to navigate to the relevant report to erase it, instead of deleting the entire highlight.

How to add a new Story to Highlights

Step 1: Open your profile, and then tap the Highlight, if you'd like to add a new Story.

  1. Tap on the option 'More' at the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose "Edit Highlight.'

Step 3: Select a Story to add from the Archive. It is also possible to select multiple Stories to add all at one time. Tap "Done' to close the process.

What happens when you erase highlights from Instagram

A lot of you may have concerns regarding what happens when you remove Instagram highlights. Will they erase permanently or when will it take place, here's the answer.

When you remove highlights on Instagram, they will no longer appear when you visit your personal page. However, once you get into the settings and the story archives check out those stories and you can change the highlight.

How do you edit the restored Highlights on Instagram prior to sharing

If you have a Story that you wish to share but would prefer to make edits before sharing them with the world, you can go through the steps listed to delete a Highlight on Instagram.

As long as you've got disabled the "Save stories to archive" option enabled, you'll receive 30 calendar days from the date of your initial submission to edit your content and restore Highlights from your archive.

If you go to the "Recently deleted" folder in the Instagram app, it shows you how many days remain before it's removed permanently.


Since the launch of Instagram story highlights in 2017, many of us have found it useful in displaying our most loved stories. It is impressive that story highlights can be easily seen by anyone who views our Instagram profile, and they can be saved until you want.

So, it quickly became one of our top choices. But, we often find ourselves deleting some of the story highlights because we think they're no longer required to be on the list. In the article below we've described how this can be done.

In particular, we talked about how to erase multiple stories from the highlights of stories. Therefore, by following this thorough step-by-step guide, you'll no longer be worried about getting rid of Instagram highlights.

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.

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