How to Design Home Lighting

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25 October 2022

Setting home lighting is an important aspect that you must apply to your home in contemporary home . Because the application of good lighting can provide a sense of comfort to every user of the room. However, you shouldn't just follow a simple slogan. Here are some tips that can be done.

How to Design Home Lighting

1. Know the Type of Lamp
As a means of lighting, lamps consist of various types. Because each type of lamp has its own specifications that are different from one another. For example, in incandescent lamps or what is widely known as the light bulb. This light bulb is widely used in homes, especially in rooms that do not require high light intensity such as warehouses. Then there are LED lights that are more energy efficient and are considered the most durable. Then there are TL lamps or fluorescent lamps whose class is below LED lamps but higher than incandescent lamps.

2. Determine the Number of Points that Need Lights
Tips for setting up the next home lighting is to determine the number of points that require the presence of lights. Ideally, one main room has two light sources. Later on the first point will be useful to illuminate the room as a whole. Usually the first light point is on the ceiling of a room, because this point can emit light with a wider range. While at other points you can use accent light such as hidden light or spot light. Generally, the hidden light is placed behind the TV bracket or the mattress headboard, then the spot light on the wall decoration.

3. Choose Energy Saving and Long Lasting Lamps
As explained above, there are many types of lamps on the market with various advantages. The high need for lighting in the house certainly makes the lamps have to be on for quite a long time. The longer the light is on, of course, it will be directly proportional to the electricity consumed.

Choose a lamp that not only offers lighting but also saves energy. Later also began to be available lights that can be set using wireless. The use of these lights will obviously be very helpful in reducing electricity costs because you can remotely control both on and off and the desired light intensity without the need to go home.

4. Choose the right color
Currently, the lights are not only yellow or bright white, but there are also a variety of other color choices. Even in some brands of lamps can be adjusted the intensity of the light so that it can be used in various conditions. In the family room, living room and other main rooms. Choose a lamp that has a bright white color. This is great for giving a bright and visible impression. Especially for a room with colored wall paint.

Meanwhile, the bluish white light (cool white) is perfect for the bedroom. The bluish white color does give a cool impression so that it makes you more relaxed and sleepy.

5. Don't Forget Windows
Although identical to the lamp, the light source at home does not mean that it only comes from the lamp alone. Natural light that comes from outside will give a slick effect and make you feel comfortable. Minimalist home designs are generally equipped with large windows so that they can help the lighting of the house to be more adequate.

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