How To Do Works Safely on A Construction Project

How To Do Works Safely on A Construction Project
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26 December 2022

In construction companies, one of the points that we must pay attention to. In addition to how to do a good job, and safely. How to do works safely? Personal protection measures, order and common sense are key to the prevention of personal and other accidents. we are a leading provider of best products and services for Civil Works Contractors.

Trustworthy For Safety of Workers in A Construction Company

At any company they should be trustworthy about safety at work in every way. For the good of the workers, the work, and the assets, as well as anyone who may pass by. We are going to give you the keys to carry out works safely.

How To Do Works Safely?

  • Providing personal protective equipment to workers.
  • With physical elements of collective protection such as signs, barriers, and others.
  • Designing and implementing protocols for safety on site.
  • Taking care of materials and machines.
  • With qualified workers and training in occupational risk prevention.

These are key issues, so this time we are going to focus on what safety equipment to take when carrying out a work.

To Do Works Safely:

What are essential personal protective equipment.

Individual protection equipment for construction and comprehensive reforms. Its compliance with safety guidelines is mandatory.

So How Do You Do Works Safely?

What equipment is necessary to work in construction and comprehensive reforms? Let's see it. But we are also going to remember the importance of its choice and maintenance.

  • The company must provide the worker with adequate personal protection equipment for construction and renovation work.
  • The worker must be strict with the care and use of individual protection elements in works. Its use is not voluntary, but mandatory as stipulated by current legislation.
  • When a garment or element is not in good condition, the worker must notify the corresponding command so that company can provide one a garment or element in optimal conditions.

Build Safely

Personal protection for the head and elements of hearing, visual and respiratory protection

There are several essential elements.


It must always approve to comply with European regulations in this regard. There are several colors that do not chose for aesthetic or personal taste, but rather indicate the professional group to which the worker who wears them belongs. Thus, it is easily identifiable even from a distance if it is a bricklayer, a construction manager, a technical operator, or a safety inspector, for example. There are also different types or classes identified with a letter depending on the level of protection they provide.


It only uses for certain tasks. It is essential for work at height and for vertical work.

Support Belt

It is, together with the harness, the most important individual fall protection element for construction sites.

Protection Glasses

They can be universal mount or integral mount. Its purpose is to protect the eyes from dust, splinters, and other potential hazards.

Personal protection screens for works

We use these where need greater protection. For example, in welding works.

Masks And Masks

Its main function is to protect the airways and lungs. In a work there are potentially harmful elements such as dust and particles from cutting or handling ceramics, plaster, stone, and other construction materials. And vapors or gases from some machines.

Earplugs And Earmuffs

They are two different types of hearing protection elements for works. We insert the former into the ear while the latter cover the auditory pavilion and the ear.

Safety Clothing:

Necessary clothing to carry out works safely

Workwear Clothing for Construction Workers

Colors and fabrics are of great importance in. They are not just clothing. They are personal security items.

That is why they must have high visibility reflective colors or elements. They should be very resistant. Since any break or tear would make the person who wears it more vulnerable. And provide comfort by facilitating the movement of the worker when carrying out their professional tasks.

What individual protection clothing to wear to a construction site? There are many options.

·         Vest

It is usually high visibility or reflective.

·         Multi-Pocket Pants

Wearing and removing them is easy. Their resistance and comfort make them a great choice.

·         Overalls And Work Overalls

Specific sweatshirts or jumpers for personal protection in construction to do works safely

Elements For the Protection of The Extremities

Civil Works Contractors

When talking about how to do works safely, it is convenient to pay attention to the vulnerable points of the body in the tasks of a work. And the extremities (arms, legs, hands, and feet) are some of them.

Protective Gloves

They are essential to protect the hands, to avoid suffering cuts and injuries. But also, other types of injuries, since work gloves protect against electrical and chemical risks, certain corrosive elements and other problems or dangers. For this they must approve and be very resistant.

Specific Types of Protective Gloves

There are some types of specific gloves for certain tasks or professionals, such as those that prevent electrical voltage. But the most common is to use multipurpose protective gloves.

Elements Of Safety Wearables

Below are some elements for safety wearables.


Its purpose is to protect the arms in a similar way to what gloves provide to the hands.

Safety Footwear

It is one of the key elements for personal care in construction. They usually have double density and steel toecap. In addition, the common thing is that they are anti-perforation and non-slip.

Knee Pads

They not only protect the knees against blows. They also make the tasks that professionals must perform while kneeling more comfortable and safer.

Shin Guards

Its purpose is to protect the shins from blows to avoid pain, bruises, and other injuries.

Today Much Safer Works on A Construction Sites

Years ago, security measures were more lax. Fortunately, the changes translate into much safer works, with fewer problems and less seriousness. The strict regulations, the awareness of workers and companies. And the safest and most comfortable means for work have contributed to this.

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