How to Evaluate Business CRM Software

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15 November 2022

Business CRM software is a great way to manage customer and sales relationships. Many small businesses struggle with managing customer information by hand, using spreadsheets, calendars, and emails. However, these disorganized systems are prone to error, and a CRM system makes it much easier to manage your activities in one location.

Cost of implementing a CRM system

The cost of implementing a business crm system depends on the type of solution chosen. Some systems include basic functionality, while others are enhanced for more specific business needs. The implementation process can be lengthy, as employees must stop revenue-generating activities for training. In addition, some systems can include premium add-ons and apps that increase the cost. Before choosing a system, take some time to investigate its capabilities.

The cost of implementing a business CRM system depends on your business's size, number of users, and number of CRM licenses. Some vendors charge a flat monthly fee for a certain number of users, while others charge an additional fee for each user. There may be discounts available for buying a CRM system for multiple years, and the amount will depend on how many users you need.

The first year of CRM implementation can be expensive for small companies. For complex organisations with more than 150 users, the cost can be as high as EUR350,000 and EUR200,000. Licensing fees vary, so it's important to check the pricing of different CRM packages before choosing a CRM.

Features of a CRM system

A business CRM system can help you manage your business better, while reducing your workload and keeping your data organised. These systems allow you to automate tasks such as email automation and workflow activities, and they also help you to manage your sales pipeline efficiently. The main benefits of using CRM systems are the time savings and deeper sales insights that can be gained. Instead of dealing with endless spreadsheets or relying on human memory, you can now see all your customer data in one place and make more informed decisions. CRM systems also make your sales processes easier by enabling you to detect trends and find bottlenecks in the pipeline.

One of the core features of CRM systems is contact management, which lets you organize and store contact information for a company. This information can include names, contact numbers, social media accounts, and job titles. By centralizing this data in a CRM system, it becomes easier for multiple users to access it.

Small business CRM software options

There are a number of small business CRM software options available, from free to highly-priced. Which one is right for your needs? Here are some things to consider when evaluating these programs. First, consider the number of users. While a single user can make do with a free version, you may need more users for more advanced features. For example, if you plan on expanding your team, you may want to look into the paid Enterprise or Unlimited plans.

Secondly, choose a software that is easy to use. A simple program like Insightly can help small businesses manage their contacts, deals, and projects. This CRM software has an easy to use interface and offers over 250 integrations with other business applications. For example, it can sync with Microsoft Office and cloud file storage services. Another popular option is Keap, an all-in-one CRM solution. Besides letting you track your contacts, Keap can also help you manage your email campaigns. Additionally, it has a customizable workflow automation system that can save you up to 10 hours a week.

Another feature to consider when evaluating small business CRM software options is the price. Many small businesses fail to use CRM systems because they are too complicated. Employees are often required to input all the information into the system. This defeats the purpose of having a CRM system if the data is inaccurate.

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