How to Find a Collision Repair Shop After Your Car is Injured

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After an accident, it's important to know who you can trust with your vehicle. That's why we're here to help you find the right Elwood Collision Repairs shop for your needs. We've put together a list of tips and tricks to get you started on your search:


If you don't have Elwood Collision Repairs shop in mind, ask family and friends for recommendations. Your insurance company will also be able to provide referrals based on the location of your accident. If you are already familiar with a mechanic who has done good work, ask them if they know of anyone in the area that can handle your repairs.

If you're still not sure where to go, ask local police officers or city officials for advice about reputable shops to use for bodywork after an accident. 

These professionals will often have specific shops they recommend because they've had positive experiences with those businesses themselves—and being recommended by someone who works closely with automobiles is usually a good sign!

Also, look into how long each shop has been in business before deciding whether or not it's trustworthy enough for you! 

Get multiple estimates

After you have collected estimates, you should compare them. You will want to make sure that the estimate covers the same work and that there are no additional charges not included in the estimate. You should also ask if there are any additional fees or charges not included in your estimate. 

Additionally, if possible, get a written estimate of what was done and how much it costs so you can refer back to it later if necessary. Finally, ask about guarantees on repairs made by each company before making a decision about which one is right for your needs.

Choose a shop that employs experienced, trained professionals.

If you have just been in a collision, one of the most important things to do is make sure that your car is repaired by competent professionals. That means finding a shop with experienced and trained technicians who know what they are doing.


Collision Repair Shop After Your Car is Injured


When choosing a repair shop, ask questions like:

    • What certifications do their technicians have?
    • Are they members of an industry association such as the International Automotive Technicians Network (IATN)?
    • Are they certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)?

Look for a shop with proper equipment.

When looking for a shop, you should also check to see if they have the right tools, equipment, and technology to do the job. If not, then they may not be able to fix your car properly.

Technically speaking, there is no single "right" type of equipment; different shops prefer different brands and types. However, there are some basic items that every auto body repair shop should have in order to conduct their repairs efficiently:

    • A frame machines
    • A paint booth (if they don't already have one)
    • An air spray gun and compressor

Ask the right questions before leaving your car at the shop.

When you're ready to leave your car at the shop, ask these questions:


    • How long will it take before repairs are complete? This is important so you can plan around work and other commitments.
    • What does the repair cost? It's normal for an estimate to be wrong, but don't expect all of that money back if it's not necessary.
    • How will insurance companies be notified about my accident? If there is any confusion about how this should happen, ask for clarification from your insurance company before bringing your car in.
    • Does this shop have a warranty on their work? A shorter time limit means they stand behind their work for more than one with no expiration date or some other long period of time (especially if they say it may need replacement parts). 
    • Ask if they offer a rental car service instead—they may have some great deals through local partners who specialize in renting out vehicles during major repairs!




Choosing the right collision repair shop can make a big difference in how your car looks after an accident. But how do you make this determination? We hope that this article has given you some tips on how to find a trustworthy and reliable shop. After all, if your car is going to be in their hands for any length of time, then it's important that they are the best people for the job!


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