How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business

How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business
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30 November 2022

The moment to begin utilizing Instagram influencer marketing for your business is now. Including Instagram influencer marketing as part of your entire Instagram strategy will help you gain more followers, get more exposure, and generate more revenue.

In this guide, based on Avada' source on how to find and work Instagram influencers for Shopify, I will go through all you need to know to identify and recruit effective brand advocates. Let's get down to brass tacks.

How to find Instagram influencers for Shopify?

Step 1: Figure out your business goals

Before you look for Instagram influencers, you should have a clear goal in mind.

  • Do you want more people to know about the brand?
  • Do you want to get leads or make sales?
  • Or do you want more people to follow your business Instagram account?

Step 2: Look for engagement

How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business When you do Instagram influencer marketing, engagement is one of the most important things you need to look at. On average, about 3% of Instagram posts are liked or commented on. Of course, each type of influencer is involved to a different degree. So, take the time to compare some things so you can make the right choice.

Step 3: Analyze comments

Watch out for phony influencers! Checking the comments on the influencer's posts is one way to figure out if they are real or not. Comments with emojis and vague phrases like "nice picture," "cool dress," or "looking good" are more likely to be fake and posted by bots. Many influencers buy fake followers or engagements to improve the look of their profile. Conversational comments are also a sign of real commitment, which brings us to the next point:

Step 4: Search for genuine engagements

How to tell if someone is a true follower:

  • Ask meaningful questions
  • Make personal statements
  • Tag their pals

Step 5: Explore hashtags relevant to your brand

Find Instagram users who have already talked about brands or products like yours. They might be a good influencer for your campaign. Do some analysis of hashtags to do this.

Avoid high-density hashtags. How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business

Step 6: Use keywords that describe your brand or your target audience

How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business

You can start your research on hashtags with keywords that also describe your brand or the people you want to reach. Try #travel if you're selling travel gear, and Instagram will suggest the most popular and relevant hashtags. Here, you can look for influencers in a certain niche by using hashtags like #traveladdict, #traveldiary, or #travel captures. You might even find Instagram's Top Travel Influencers this way.

Step 7: Search by the #sponsored or #ad hashtags

Influencers can mark their posts as #sponsored or #ad to show that they are advertising something. You can use these two hashtags to find influencers on Instagram, which will make it easier to find posts sponsored by influencers.

Step 8: Browse influencer platforms

Since the above ways to find Instagram influencers are useful but time-consuming and manual, you can use platforms that connect Instagram influencers with businesses to make things easier. But remember to ask yourself the following questions when choosing a platform:

  • Does your niche have influencers on the platform? How good are the people who have influence?
  • What tools for making, sharing, and keeping track of content does the platform offer?
  • Does the platform offer analytics and reporting tools that work in real time?
  • What do people who have used that platform before say about it?

How to contact Instagram influencers for work?

How to Find and Work With Instagram Influencers for Your Shopify Business

Create a compelling pitch

First, put yourself in the shoes of the person who has a lot of influence. Your goal is to make content that their audience will enjoy, so how do you make an offer that will get them excited? Why would they want to work with your brand? You might want to come up with ways to work together and make offers that the influencers can't refuse.

Now, your pitch should be short and to the point. Don't send them a 5-point email because it's scary and they won't want to read it all. So, make sure you can show that you're interested and make it as personal as you can. Also, you can send direct messages on Instagram, so that's a yes. A lot of brands do it, and it's a pretty good idea. But if you want to look professional, you should send them an email.

Create an email sequence

The next step is to send emails in a certain order. Most people with a lot of influence get a lot of emails, so it takes them 3–5 days to answer. So, what we suggest is that you set up a series of emails and send them until you hear back. It's pretty simple to put together. All you have to do is send out personalized emails, but don't expect to hear back from the influencers right away. It could take up to 3 emails for them to reply.

Final Words

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