How To Find Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

How To Find Entry-Level Marketing Jobs
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16 November 2022

Landing a marketing job is not easy. Marketers need to have excellent communication skills, the ability to think, and an understanding of the latest trends in the industry. To land an entry-level position, you must prove your capabilities of meeting requirements while demonstrating your drive and motivation to succeed in marketing.   

If you are looking for an entry-level marketing position? Don't know where to start? This guide will share some types of positions, certifications, and tips on getting there.   

Table Of Contents   

  • What is marketing?    
  • Types of marketing   
  • How to get a job in marketing?   
  • How can you get a job in marketing without a degree?   
  • Top 5 tips to get an entry-level marketing job
  • Conclusion   

What is Marketing?

Marketing is all about understanding your customers is the first step. Focus on the needs of your target audience and each customer persona individually. Think about what kind of content they are looking for and how you can engage them better. The better you understand them, the easier it will be to meet their needs and accomplish your objectives!   

Types of Marketing

  • Social media marketing/Digital marketing: It is used to promote the products and services of the company.   
  • Influencer marketing: Collaborating with companies and endorsing their products and services through social media, backlinks, and online content.   
  • Content marketing: Sharing informative information online in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and social media posts    
  • Affiliate marketing: Collaborating with a third party to promote the company's services and products. Example: Amazon marketing.
  • Email marketing: Promote products and services through email.
  • Telemarketing: Market products and services through the telephone to generate leads. Example: Sales   

All the above types of marketing types come under remote marketing jobs. 

How to get a job in marketing?    

A marketing career can offer various opportunities, from helping to lead a company's marketing initiative to develop your freelance marketing consultancy. The good news is that there are plenty of different avenues to increase your employability and market yourself effectively, with plenty of online marketing skills courses to take and numerous certifications to earn to advance your marketing career.    

Here are a few professional certificates to ace your marketing career   

  • Digital Marketing Pro (DMI x AMA Dual Certification)   
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification    
  • Hootsuite Academy Marketing Certification
  • OMCP Digital Marketing Certification   
  • Google Ads Marketing Certification   
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification    

How can you get a job in marketing without a degree?    

Believe it or not, marketing is a competitive field; hence some entry-level marketing jobs require several years of relevant work experience, irrespective of your degree!   

Applying for a marketing apprenticeship will help you develop fundamental skills and experience, establish credibility, and set yourself apart from other job seekers in the industry. All while making money and learning something new! 

Top 5 tips to get an entry-level marketing job   

Marketing is a growth field, with the number of job opportunities increasing every year. But still, there's a lot of competition for entry-level marketing graduate jobs, and it is particularly tough if you are a fresh graduate. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the competition.   

  1. Job application instructions  

Every recruiter or organization will have its way of screening and shortlisting the applications. Hence, please read the job posting carefully and follow their instructions. Some companies prefer cover letter and resume, while others follow web-based recruitment platform.   

  1. Customize your cover letter and resume   

 Avoid sending generic cover letters and resumes. Start using a customized template specific to the job you're applying for. Highlight your skill or experience directly related to the role.    

  1. Use relevant keywords in your resume   

While applying on AI, enable job portals to highlight the "important keywords" in the job posting on your resume and cover letter. For example: if the job posting mentions "email marketing," make sure you use those keywords in your resume and cover letter to sound the resume relevant.    

An ATS is a software application that scans applications and filters them using years of experience, specific keywords, and other educational dimensions specified by the employer.    

  1. Simplify your resume  

 Complex layouts are a little tricky to understand, and some ATS don't work well. Use a simple layout for your resume. You can also use EZResume to see how well it performs in creating templates    

  1. Improve your online presence   

Once you qualify for the ATS, the hiring manager will look into your application. Make sure you Build your online presence to let the employer know you are a desirable employee! 


To sum it up, there is no shortcut to getting a job in marketing. If you are looking for just one thing that will set you on the path to success and guarantee you a job, you might be in for some disappointment. Instead, you need to understand there is no shortcut to hard work. Look for qualifications for marketing executive jobs, look at networking groups and chambers of commerce, go to conferences related to the industry, and join up with relevant business enthusiasm groups.   

If you are still in a dilemma of which entry-level marketing job, start with basic-level jobs such as marketing assistant or digital marketing. It will help you gain experience, expose you to various marketing tasks, and pick the path you enjoy most.    

We hope you find your dream job! We're to help you. Sign up to the EZJobs portal or download the EZJobs application available on Android and iOS and get entry-level job opportunities sent straight to your inbox.   

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