How to Find the Best Denim Clothes for Your Kids?

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28 November 2022

Denim has survived every trend since it entered the world of fashion. Be it the “High Waist Bell Bottoms” of the ’70s or the “Patched Up Mom Jeans” we are wearing in 2022. Denim is everlasting. It’s made from cotton, it’s comfortable and it’s durable. They can be made into shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and even shoes!  

Denim contributes to Fashion’s DNA. It looks good on everybody! It doesn’t discriminate on colour, size, race, or age. And this is why your little one should have a denim collection of their own. You can layer it, wear it with something contrasting, make it semi-formal by adding a cute little blazer, or maybe just go denim on denim. The possibilities are endless and, so is the comfort. Fashion for children needs to have performance, durability, comfort, and quality. Denim need not be washed regularly, or be washed regularly - really doesn’t matter. It can be worn in the summer as shorts and in the winter as thick jeans and a jacket. It can be spilled with hot chocolate or marmalade, torn at the knees after a fall from the bicycle, or loosened a little after a warm soak. They will be there with you through thick and thin. 

When it comes to Denim, Levi Strauss is a master of the game. They made denim what it is today. Their work with the material goes unparalleled against any other brand in the industry. It is cost-effective and durable. At Rookie USA, we have curated the best of Levi’s for your babies!

The best Denim can be found in the most obvious places. Though you can sell your old pair of Levi’s at any store, you can also turn them into little items of clothing for your little one! Do you still have bell bottoms from your college days that you don’t fit into anymore? The flare of the leg would make the cutest skirt for your baby girl. Or your Denim shirt can give off enough fabric to make multiple clothing items for your babies. Jeans that are too loose can be fashioned into jogger jeans for girls. They are so trendy right now and give tiny princesses a sassy look. 

At Levi’s the options are insurmountable. Imagine your 2-year-old daughter in dungarees and a lemon yellow t-shirt or your 5-year-old boy in Levi’s 510. The best 3 4 year old boys clothes would be a comfy tee with a pair of 511 Performance Jeans. With so many options and an abundance of comfort, Denim is the perfect choice for any child’s wardrobe. 

The choice you make when you buy kids clothes is not only for yourself and your own use but for those who make them for you, the Earth you make it on. It is a conscious decision that your child will thank you for when they understand the importance of sustainability and clean wearing. At Levi’s the material is free of PFAs and PFCs which are still used in many clothing items, kitchen items, etc. These chemicals are harmful and contribute to the development of many diseases. 

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