How to Find the Best Nursing Bras If You Have Large Breasts

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How to Find the Best Nursing Bras If You Have Large Breasts

Do you feel uncomfortable because of how tight your bra is? If you have large breasts and you want to be as comfortable as possible, the right nursing bra is essential for new mothers. In this article, we'll talk about how to find the most comfortable nursing bras for large breasts that will give you the support you need that will help alleviate any issues.

Whether you want to nurse exclusively or use a breast pump, finding the ideal nursing bra is essential to your comfort and health. Nursing bras are especially important for women with big breasts who need the extra support.

In addition, if your breasts are compressed from wearing a bra that is too tight in the cup or the rib band, you may experience issues with milk flow or possibly a drop in your milk production, which is why finding the right bra for nursing goes beyond comfort.

Choosing the Right Nursing Bras for Large Breasts
If you plan to breastfeed, you should look for a bra that can easily be opened and closed. Some have closures like a clip, zip, or hook, while others just have a button or toggle that you push to the side to release the cup. The popularity of one-handed-opening nursing bras has increased as you will always have one free hand for your child.

If your nursing bra is too tight, it could make it more likely that your milk ducts get clogged or that you get mastitis. It's important to pick the proper size to avoid discomfort.


Finding a well-fitting bra often requires a trip to the store. If you're purchasing online, bra retailers like include measuring guidelines to help you select the right fit so you will come away with the perfect bra for your size.

Now that you know what kind of fit and function you want, you can focus on finding the correct feel. A brand-new bra should feel great from the first time you put it on. When properly adjusted, the band should sit low and evenly beneath your breasts and around your back without tugging or yanking.

After putting on the bra, try sitting, standing, lying down, and leaning over in different ways to see how well it holds you up. The ideal nursing bra for large breasts should make you feel as though you're not wearing anything at all.

In addition, professionals advise expecting mothers to buy no more than two nursing bras. During those initial weeks after giving birth, your breasts will likely change shape, so you'll probably want to have a backup bra handy. You may then decide to purchase additional items in different sizes.

Best Nursing Bra for Large Breasts by Anita
Our favorite here is the BASIC Underwire Nursing Bra by Anita Maternity, which is without question a top-tier nursing bra. Mothers with bigger breasts will like how soft and supportive this nursing bra is and how it won't hurt their backs.

The design of this nursing bra combines a flawless fit up to an I cup with thoughtful utilitarian details: The pre-shaped cups are made from a soft microfiber that conceals, and the bust support has comfort straps with quick access nursing clips that make breastfeeding easier.

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