How to Find Your Personal Interior Design Style?

How to Find Your Personal Interior Design Style?

When designing your home or building, it is vital to determine which interior design is ideal for your style. It would help if you considered multiple combinations of patterns, shapes, colors, and materials required to create your desired look.  

You can explore multiple options, and you can settle on one after determining the best one that feels like your personal style. All these options make it easy to find the best one for you or combine different styles to develop your desired unique taste.  

Here are some interior design styles that will help you take the first step of selecting furniture from furniture stores in Prince George


The styles from recent decades are included in modern designs. If you intend to have a contemporary interior, your focus must be on current trends that help you combine the most popular styles invented in recent years. 


With a modern style, you can have a light impact on textures, clean lines, simple, and sophisticated touch. If mid-century modern is your go-to look, you will have a combination of synthetic & natural materials, muted tones, and shapes.  


If a traditional style is what you want, you can incorporate classic styles from the past. Mainly from the 1700s and 1800s European homes, although there have been some adaptations over the years. 

Today, if you want a traditional style, it features harmony, symmetry, and elegance in your home. Many of the traditional furniture and interiors were inspired by Victorian homes of the past era with intricate details and rich colors. A home’s architecture also plays a vital role in the traditional interior.  

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Combining modern and traditional styles, you get a transitional modern style. Many homeowners prefer transitional designs with brighter accessories and lighter color tones. 

If you choose neutral walls and floors with more traditional furniture and décor will be a popular choice. However, you can get variations of these methods that will serve as a transitional design. 

  4- Feng Shui 

If you are more attuned to positive aura and energy, you can opt for Feng Shui. An ancient Chinese design practice believes that designs influence how well the chi (energy) flows within the house. 

It is believed to bring prosperity and peace with the four elements connecting humans to the world. Here, you can select furniture that influences the elements like fire, water, earth, metal, and wood in your furniture from furniture stores Prince George. 

  Closing Take 

You can explore all the above interior styles to understand which furniture piece would be ideal for your house. 

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