How To Fix An Hp Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

How To Fix An Hp Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

The latest generation of HP printers has even more amazing and diverse capabilities than prior models. New versions of printing equipment are released every year. The notification Why Your Hp Printer Have Paper But Says Out Of Paper on your PC or laptop's control panel settings because of outdated firmware. The printer may stop picking up or feeding paper if dust has formed on the paper feed rollers. Although there is paper in the paper tray, the HP printer says that it is out of paper. In this situation, paper feeding will be problematic. You have a variety of choices for resolving the issue and printing your document when this error notice displays.

Why My HP Printer Says out of Paper

When the printer stops grasping the paper, among other printer troubles, the message Hp Printer Says Out Of Paper frequently appears. A paper shortage error could happen if there are dust particles in the paper feeder's rollers. Even though the printers are loaded with paper, the error notice occasionally still shows.

  • HP printer paper feed rollers were jammed with dirt and scrap paper.
  • The incompatibility of the Windows 10 operating system is the root of this problem.
  • using a support-discontinued printer driver.
  • It might occur as a result of a significant number of outstanding print jobs being held hostage in the queue.
  • The writing The strange behavior of the spooler calls for troubleshooting.
  • The edges of the low-quality paper curl as a result of the moisture it absorbs.

Fixing the HP Printer Out of Paper Error: Potential Solutions

Try the following methods to fix the problem if you get the HP Printer Says It's Out Of Paper error message, which indicates that the printer has run out of paper despite being fully loaded.

Solution 1: Clear paper feed roller.

Wipe away any dirt, debris, or jammed paper from the paper pick rollers as soon as you can to resolve the printer's out of paper error.

  • After turning off the HP printer, grab a flashlight.
  • Before continuing, wait until the printer is off or silent.
  • From the printer's back, unplug the power cord.
  • Take the papers out of the input tray.
  • Look for the paper pick rollers inside the input tray using the flashlight.
  • Gently dampen a cotton swab with distilled water and squeeze it to get rid of extra water.
  • The rollers can be cleaned using a cotton swab. You stated that the best way to clean paper pick rollers is to rotate them with your fingers.
  • The rollers need two to three minutes to dry completely.
  • Reconnect the power cable, then switch on the HP printer.

Solution 2: Inspect the paper sheets before adding them to the paper stack.

  • Take out the entire tray of papers.
  • Take any paper out of the stack that is overly twisted, wrinkled, or torn.
  • Check the paper tray from the inside to check if anything is blocking it. Make sure that nothing prevents the paper from contacting the rollers.
  • Make sure the paper stack is evenly distributed throughout. Tapping on a level surface will align things.
  • Put the stack of papers in the paper tray. It was advised to use no more than 25 sheets.
  • Push the paper tray inside or close it.
  • Try printing now on a different piece of paper. Make sure the control panel is configured to the suitable paper size.

Solution 3: Wash the rollers that pick up paper inside and out.

Make sure the paper pick rollers in the paper tray section or inside the cartridges are clean.


  • Switch off the HP printer. Get a flashlight after that.
  • Till the printer is silent or quiet, keep an eye on it.
  • The power cord for the printer should then be unplugged from the back.
  • Separate the input tray from the stack of papers as well.
  • Depending on the type of printer you have, locate the paper pick roller using the flashlight.
  • In order to eliminate any extra water, carefully dip a cotton swab in purified water and press it.
  • At this point, use a cotton swab to wipe the rollers. You suggested using your fingers to rotate the paper pick rollers in order to thoroughly clean them.
  • The rollers need two to three minutes to dry completely.
  • Finally, attach the HP printer's power line and turn it on.

Solution 4: Cleaning the printer's paper pick rollers is a workaround.

With a paper tray positioned at the bottom, clean the paper pick rollers on printers.

  • First, switch off your HP printer.
  • Wait for the printer to go into its idle or silent mode.
  • The power cord for the printer should be unplugged from the back.
  • Take the papers out of the input tray.
  • Lift the printer and set it on its side.
  • Next, get the paper tray and the rollers for picking up gray paper.
  • In order to eliminate any extra water, softly dip a cotton swab in distilled water and press it.
  • After that, clean the rollers with a cotton swab. You advised me to practice spinning my fingers to thoroughly clean the rollers on the paper pick.
  • Give the rollers at least two minutes to dry.
  • the printer should be turned over.
  • Turn on the printer after reattaching the power cord to the rear of it.

After attempting the aforementioned fixes and the issue still exists, service for your HP printer is required. A replacement for your HP product is also available. The aforementioned methods seem to work best in getting rid of the HP printer's persistent out of paper error.

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