How to Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error

How to Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error

When you attempt to print or scan something on an HP printer, an Hp 10.1000 Supply Memory Error message appears on the screen. This issue typically arises when the toner cartridge's metal contacts or chip doesn't properly connect to the corresponding connections inside the printer. The printer displays the error message "Supply Memory Error" because it is unable to recognise the installed toner cartridge. For someone who needs some printouts immediately, this frustrating situation may be too much to bear. Therefore, it is strongly advised to call the HP Support Number right away because the top tech experts are available there 24/7. You will learn more in-depth information here. Consequently, have a quick glance at this page!

What Causes The Hp Printer Supply Memory Error?

The following are a number of potential causes of the HP Printer Supply Memory Error issue:

  • This error happens because a package was missing, there was a paper jam, or the protective strips couldn't be removed.
  • This problem also arises if the squeezed metal contacts inside the printer are not connected to the toner cartridge.
  • The toner may be out of position due to broken plastic components.
  • due to the usage of out-of-date printer software or firmware
  • This issue may also arise after switching from an empty toner cartridge to a fresh one.

Fixing HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error Effectively

You should attempt the following fixation to get your printer back to working order:

Solution 1: Misplaced protective strips or packaging

An orange protection strip and plastic clips are present for installing a fresh toner cartridge. This ensures that the cartridge is not harmed during transportation. Each of the plastic clips as well as the protective strips across the drum must be taken out before beginning to instal a new toner on the printer. Otherwise, you might be unable to print with your HP Printer using these materials. Because they are so simple to advertise with, clips stand out. To remove the protection strip, which is located on the toner's side and features an orange ring, pull the ring. Once you've done this, there won't be any errors shown on the printer screen panel when you print, scan, or fax any document.

Solution 2: Compressed metal contacts.

Two tiny metal contacts must be connected to the matching contacts on the toner cartridge in order to recognise a toner cartridge that has been fitted. If the contacts aren't contacting, the metal still interacts with the printer and the ones on the toner that have completed a circuit. Your printer will then detect that the toner is missing. Take the toner cartridge out of the printer and examine inside for what seems to be a microchip or two squares of metal. Now visualise the locations within the printer where these would join, and then observe the matching connectors. Pull the two metal connectors carefully forward to avoid breaking anything if they appear to be pressed together at the back. Once you have installed the toner, this will enable them to connect to it properly. Make sure there is no paper jam before installing a new toner because it's also conceivable that losing pieces of packaging or paper jams can result in a problem.


Method 3: Broken Plastic Pieces

The plastic slots may become damaged if the toner cartridge is damaged by one of the sides. The toner may not then be properly positioned in the printer's actual toner slots. Additionally, the contacts won't connect properly, which is comparable to the prior cause of the HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error. Replacing the toner cartridge with a new one is the only method to solve this issue completely.

Solution 4: Out-of-date software and firmware

Every time, the maker of HP Printers releases new firmware or printer software. Therefore, you can encounter an HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error if the printer software gets obsolete. You only need to go to Google to solve this issue. To obtain the most recent firmware for your computer/printer, type "[your printer model] firmware." When the software or firmware is fully updated, the supply memory problem is frequently resolved as well. On the official HP website, you may discover the most recent firmware upgrades. Installing a suitable or remanufactured toner cartridge with outdated data saved on the microprocessor of the cartridge may be the final cause of the supply memory issue. The error message Supply Memory Error may then be shown by the printer firmware. It is necessary to swap out the reman from the company in order to solve this issue. Then replace it in your printer.

Hopefully! The remedies suggested above have helped to eliminate the HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error. But if anyone is still experiencing this issue, please get in touch with HP Customer Service right away for a one-stop solution. The technical team has a wealth of knowledge and training. Therefore, your problem will be resolved in a few seconds!

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