How To Get Over Infidelity in a Marriage

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20 December 2022

Getting cheated by your partner or lover is not something bearable. When all your hopes are crushed and your sacred vows crumble, the world seems to deteriorate, and nothing makes sense. Infidelity in a marriage leaves a hole in your heart that never seems to fill up and heal. You start questioning your whole foundation, your years of investment; everything seems a waste.

Infidelity leaves both spouses devastated. In many marriages, spouses try to work things out in their marriage, leaving the past behind. Forgiving is not easy, and fixing things seems impossible. However, there are couples who think differently. They do not want to waste their years of investment and let someone else take away their partner. In this case, when you both are willing to fix your marriage, here are some ways to get over the hurtful feelings and start a new life together.Get free kundali matching from astropedia

Do Not Create The Nostalgia

Many couples, after facing infidelity, often memorize the past happy times when the relationship was new and innocent. They force their marriage to become the same way it was when things were good. They try to recreate the nostalgia and hope things will be the same.

However, by doing so, they are only making the situation more hopeless. This is not the way you are supposed to fix your marriage. The pain of the present can’t be replaced by memories.

So what should you do?

You need to accept what is done and where you two are right now. Then you need to build a new foundation on which your newly created relationship will stand. 

Creating this foundation will not be easy, but it’s the only way. Couples who have gone through laying a new foundation now consider it worth trying. This might take much time and effort, but it is worth it in the end. This is because you two get a new, better, and stronger marriage.

Here are a few steps to get over the feeling and make your marriage or porutham loving again.

Pinpoint The Troubles

This is the first step that will require proper communication. Once you are ready to talk, sit together and discuss the issues. Go through your marriage and point out the troubles and concerns between you two.

Do not argue and create a heated moment. Instead, try to be calm and listen to each other. Remember that you both are doing it for our marriage.

Find common ground

While discussing things, you two will know the issues in your marriage. There might be disagreements, but you both must cross them and be positive. Find the problems and then come to an agreement that works for both of you.

You might also note down the problems and their solutions. Prepare an agreement-like thing that you both can follow to find happiness together.

This will not be easy as you might be building walls of grudges and hatred inside you for years. You both might become defensive and stay in denial about everything your spouse says. However, to find a solution, you need to go past these walls and get rid of the old negativity to make space for a fresh and positive relationship. Get free dasa bhukti report from astropedia

Save Your Marriage Together

Once you know the issues and their solutions and have found common ground, achieving them with a strong and positive mind is time. There will be complications, and it will not be easy, but don’t give up. 

This is your job to make this stale relationship exciting, inject new ideas, and accept indifference and neglect. Work on yourself and work on your relationship to revitalize it. Be patient with it and keep implementing all the new and healthy habits.

You both need to find the solutions and put the efforts together. Heal each other’s hurt by giving your partner what they always wanted. For example, they might crave holding your hand in public, they do it and let them know that you care about their wishes.

Like this, there might be many wishes that you two want to be fulfilled by your partner. Listen to the wishes of your partner and come up with solutions. Make them feel loved, respected, and heard, and make your efforts visible to work this marriage.


Always remember that it is not going to be a quick fix. As your marriage took years before things went wrong, it might take the next few years until you establish a strong bond again. Those haunting memories will still be there; you don’t need to avoid those but confront those and ask for the support of your partner in this journey.

Stay hopeful and never give up. Remember that a beautiful marriage is waiting for you two at the end of the tunnel. All it is asking for is your patience and effort toward each other that you have to give daily and bit by bit. Soon it will start to feel fulfilling and rewarding, which will motivate you even more, to keep your efforts consistent.


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