How To Hide An Instagram Post From Someone

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How To Hide An Instagram Post From Someone

Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms in the market. Every other person is using Instagram nowadays. But it is important to protect your privacy when you publish anything on social media platforms.

In the event that you do not want to allow a particular person to see your stories or posts and you want to conceal Instagram posts completely, then you have to adhere to the steps described further in this article. So, we will examine how to hide an Instagram post from someone.

Can You Hide Instagram Posts From Someone?

No. Currently, Instagram does not yet provide a feature in which you can hide your posts from one of your followers. In contrast to other social media platforms such as Facebook There isn't a hiding posts feature on Instagram. In the moment it's only possible to hide Instagram Stories from a selected handful of your followers.

Can You Limit Who Sees Your Instagram Posts?

With the private account feature of Instagram, you can enable the Instagram restriction on post views and restrict who can view your Instagram post. Only those who follow your account will be able to see your Instagram post only you can do so.


How To Hide A Post From Someone On Instagram

Method 1: Creating a Close Friends List

One of the most exciting features available on Instagram is the Close friends list. If you make use of this feature, you'll be able to post your photos only to selected people. Unfortunately this feature isn't in place to block your posts.

Here is how you can accomplish this.

  • Check out your profile on Instagram by clicking on your profile at the upper right corner.
  • Just click the horizontal three lines.
  • Select from the Close Friends option on the dropdown.
  • Now you can select whom you'd like to share your stories with.
  • Your list of friends is in order.
  • If you want to share your story privately you can choose the option for close friends.

After you have completed these steps your story will only be visible to the people who are on your list of friends.

Note: This is only two hide your posts, not your stories. posts.

Method 2: Make Your Account Private

If you don't want to expose your content to Internet users You can set your account into private mode and share your post only with your followers.

  • Log into your Instagram account and navigate to your profile section.
  • Click to open the Settings option.
  • Click on the Privacy options from the dropdown.
  • Enable the toggle to turn it on and then switch to an account that is private.

That's it. Your account will now be private and all your stories and posts are only visible to your followers.

To make it more private, add only selected people to your follower list. Alternatively, you can also delete unwanted users from your list of followers to enjoy better privacy.

How Can You Mute the Unwanted Posts of Certain Followers?

Everyone is free to publish whatever they want on social media. Hence it is possible to see posts that might irritate you. The mute feature to hide such content that you do not want to be able to view in the near future.

Muting someone is a good option in the event that you'd like to continue following the same person on Instagram but don't want to see their posts or videos pop up on your feed.

Here's how you can turn off people on Instagram and have fun and enjoy your feed

  1. Log into your Instagram account and then open the account you wish to muffle.
  2. Under their profile, choose under their profile, the "Following" option. It's at upper right of their page (under their username, and above their posts).
  3. An option that says "Mute" will show, click it.
  4. You'll have the option to mute their posts and stories. Press the "toggle slider" option. That's all!

But, you can also unmute the individual at any time by repeating these steps, and then pressing the toggle once more.

Final Thoughts

Hiding posts from someone's Instagram could be necessary particularly if you are unsure about that specific follower. Fortunately, you can limit access to a specific group of users by following the steps above. Therefore, this guide will show you how to hide an Instagram post from someone.

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