How to Improve the Security of Your Comfast WiFi Extender

How to Improve the Security of Your Comfast WiFi Extender
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20 September 2022

Getting a Comfast range extender in the home is an excellent approach to eliminate dead zones. Is your responsibility, however, limited to gaining access to a high-speed internet connection? Obviously not! The joy of a lag-free internet connection comes with the risk of the Comfast WiFi extender's security being compromised. As a result, after installing your WiFi equipment, you should think about strengthening its security. But, do you know how to strengthen the security of the Comfast extender? If not, then give a read to this post. This article covers all of the main steps for adding levels of security to your Comfast range extender and network.


Connect your computer to the Comfast AP using an Ethernet connection (the wire should go from the PoE Adapter's LAN port to the computer). Also, connect your Comfast AP to the PoE Adapter's PoE port. 
Now, launch your browser and enter the following address:

It will lead you to the Comfast AP setup page, where you may configure Comfast by clicking on the "Wizard Option" and selecting your setup option (as an AP, as a Repeater, or as a Router).

If you are unable to open the setup page on your computer, you must provide a static IP address to your computer via the Ethernet connection.

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