How to increase conversions with a quality content strategy

How to increase conversions with a quality content strategy
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20 September 2022

Every brand, in every corner of the world, is constantly striving toward one goal: to increase its conversions, its sales performance, in the hope of conquering new market segments and stealing the show from some competitor. With the advent of digitization and social media, the tools for increasing sales and business performance have increased by leaps and bounds, and most of them can offer a cheaper and even more practical alternative to traditional methods, which relied almost entirely on the prowess of people and their ability to easily win a customer's heart.

When a company decides to take the plunge, equipping itself with a website, a blog, or some social channel for its online communication, it is essential that it is clear in mind the goal of these actions: you should not establish sites or create social pages without a purpose, just because everyone else is doing it, without knowing exactly how to use them and what goals to set through their use. If the goal of your actions is purely quantitative, and has to do solely with the total volume of sales, your actions will have to take a very specific direction, and the content published in your virtual spaces will have to be crafted in a certain way, with precise reminders and calls to action with which to stimulate every possible buyer.

It is no coincidence that sponsored campaigns on Facebook and Instagram immediately ask what your goal is, making a clear distinction between awareness and conversion. In the second case, your purpose is also all too clear: to gently lead the visitor to complete a purchase on the company's online portals, e-shops, or even to take a lesser action from which a possible purchase may still arise, such as signing up for a newsletter.

Multiple ways, one goal

But in this day and age of post-globalization digitization, conversion goals are not achieved solely with the automation already present in social media sponsorship tools, such as those commonly found on Twitter or Instagram. Sales can also be increased with an ambitious content strategy based for the most part on the quality of the content, the effectiveness of the written word in an online universe dominated by images, videos, in the full knowledge that people might look at sponsored content with distrust, devoting only a thousandth of a second of their time to it and moving on immediately, in search of more visually appealing content.

Sometimes, in fact, genuine content, made without the support of sponsorships, can have extremely positive effects on a company's performance, especially at a time in history when people's distrust of content found online has reached unimaginable peaks. In some cases, it is precisely the small print with the word "sponsored" that prompts people to move their thumbs even faster, immediately scrolling down in search of something more interesting, more authentic.

This is precisely why brands must continually refine their communication strategy, adapting it to the ever-changing needs and tastes of discerning and wary consumers. Don't be afraid to write long posts as well: brand storytelling on social media is also carried forward with content of this kind, capable of awakening people's emotions and striking them directly to the heart.

The impact of text content

Long content is generally more successful on blogs and websites, but that does not mean it is completely ineffective on social media. In some cases, a long Facebook or Twitter post, even without the support of any visual content, can capture a consumer's attention for several seconds, perhaps prompting them to visit the company's website to get more information (or to make a purchase). Conversions can ultimately be achieved in this way as well, through quality textual content placed in the right place.

The effectiveness of textual content is also well known to some of the best online gambling portals, such as VegasSlotsOnline: in fact, the site does not only offer thousands of slot machines (including free ones) and casino games, but also offers very useful guides and valuable reviews created by a team of experts at the site's disposal, who have personally tested the casino games to verify their safety, reliability and reliability in payments, thus resulting in useful and interesting content for all new players as well. In this case, the content strategy was also carried out to concretely help all kinds of players, old or new.

To get to the heart of your consumer, you just have to adopt a quality content strategy that can overcome the coldness and fixity of any automation.

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