How to install Google AdWords conversion tracking on Shopify and set up the tracking system

How to install Google AdWords conversion tracking on Shopify and set up the tracking system
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How to setup Google AdWords conversion tracking on Shopify and set it up

There will be numerous moving components when you launch a new online business. You'll spend a lot of time taking pictures, writing descriptions, setting up the technical aspects, and working out how to attract people by creating a marketing strategy in order to create the products or develop your service. Additionally, selling advertisements for Shopify-based eCommerce businesses can provide you exposure similar to that of a storefront, and this process is becoming more complicated every day.

Therefore, I will explain and provide you instructions on how to set up Adwords conversion tracking and add the Google Adwords conversion tracking tag to your website in this article on how to install Google AdWords conversion tracking on Shopify. Make sure you've followed the guidelines for setting up conversion tracking on your website before you start.

In Google Ads, create a conversion action as the first step.

Creating a conversion action according to Google Ads' instructions is the first step in configuring conversion tracking for Google Ads. The most common conversion action is tracking purchases. By setting the category to Purchase/Sale and the value to Use various values for each conversion, you can monitor how effective your ads are at generating sales on your online store. Once you've finished creating your conversion action, simply click Create to continue.

Install the global site tag as the second step.

The next step is to apply the global site tag in your Shopify theme code once you have finished creating a conversion action.

Step 3: Put the event snippet in place.

The global site tag has it completed, right? The event snippet should now be added to your checkout page. Anytime someone clicks on one of your adverts, the event snippet tracks conversion and eventually directs them to your online store's checkout page.

Step 4: Turn on the conversion value.

The values of each conversion will vary depending on the conversion activity that you are tracking on your online store. Consider Ted conducting two different Google Ads campaigns for his clothing store. One is just for his collection of timepieces, and the other is for his assortment of jeans. He generated the same number of clicks and sales from both advertisements on his online store, but the value of the purchases made by customers who clicked on the advertisement for the watch collection will be higher. As a result of the buyers clicking that advertisement, more expensive things are bought, increasing the value. Ted uses this information to choose where to invest his advertising budget. More details: install google ads conversion shopify

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