How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme
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31 October 2022

Today, I'll give you detailed instructions on everything you need to know How to install/Upload a Shopify theme for a store. By doing this, your Shopify store will seem nicer and more professional, which will please both you and your customers. Therefore, by reading the material below, I won't make you wait any longer.

Method 1: Install your own Shopify theme

It is entirely possible for you to upload and use your own theme directly from the Themes page if it is already stored on your computer as file.

Step 1: Compress your themes' files into a .zip file

If you haven't already compressed your themes files into a single .zip file before uploading, do so now or double-check that they have been done so.

Step 2: Open Themes

Go to your Shopify admin page after logging in, and click Online Store. After that, select Themes.

Step 3: Upload your theme

Simply click Upload theme when you are in the Theme library section to upload theme.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

Step 4: Click Browse

You are now in the Upload theme window; simply click Browse to select the .zip file you want to install. The maximum size is 50 MB, so keep that in mind.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme install shopify theme

Step 5: Click Upload

Then simply wait a bit after clicking Upload. Soon, the theme will be added to your Themes page.

Method 2: Install free theme from Shopify admin

Step 1: Open Themes

Log in first, go to your Shopify admin page, and click Online Store. After that, select Themes.

Step 2: Click Explore free themes

Near the bottom of the website, scroll down to see the Free themes section. Then click Explore free themes, and a window displaying all of the free themes will appear.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

Step 3: Preview the theme

You can get more information about the features by just clicking on any theme. The theme styles are also previewable here.

Step 4: Click Add theme to the library

When you finally decided on a theme. Simply select your theme and click the Add theme to library button. After that, the theme will shortly be installed on your Themes page.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

Method 3: Install paid theme from Shopify store

Designers from outside companies create paid themes. The theme designer offers assistance with customizing third-party themes.

Step 1: Open the Shopify Theme Store and choose the theme

To begin, click the Visit Theme store button in the Shopify Theme store section to go to the Shopify Theme Store where you may search for and select a theme.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

Step 2: Start with your theme

You will be able to choose the theme without paying any fees if you're still utilizing your free trial of this service.

  • For Free theme: Once you've chosen your free theme, all you need to do is click Add theme or the Start with this theme button to finish.

How to Install/Upload Shopify theme

  • For Paid theme: If a theme is not available for free and you must purchase it, click Buy theme to do so. Remember that Shopify does not offer refunds for its purchased themes, so test one out first to see if it meets your needs.

Step 3: Make the payment approved

For premium themes only, proceed to this step. For your payment to be accepted, you must click Approve charge. The theme will then be quickly installed on your Themes page.


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