How to Leverage App Store Optimization (ASO) for App Marketing

How to Leverage App Store Optimization (ASO) for App Marketing
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The excessive growth of mobile phones has encouraged business owners so much that, as per a survey, mobile applications will generate more than $935 billion in 2023. Isn't it great?

But wait! Are you also one of those business owners whose mobile application is not ranking on the top, reaching the users, and driving installs? Stop worrying because we will assist you. Believe it or not, building a mobile app is not rocket science. However, marketing an application is quite a difficult task.

If you think you can sit back, relax, and enjoy loads of downloads/installs after developing a mobile application from a reputable mobile app development company, you are highly mistaken. You need to push yourself harder and market your application well to reach the right users. That’s where app store optimization (ASO) enters the game. 

To make it easier for you, we have shed some valuable app store optimization tips that you can follow and flourish your mobile app effortlessly. The best thing is these ASO strategies are tried and tested by many experienced app marketers

Let's take baby steps. Starting with the basics of app store optimization (aka ASO), why app store optimization is important, and app store optimization best practices. 


Ready? Let’s dive in!

What Is App Store Optimization?

In simple words, app store optimization is a strategy that enhances the mobile app visibility on two major application stores - Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (for iOS users). In other words, it’s basically the SEO for mobile apps.

To make your app reach your potential users, rank well in the application stores, and a bigger brand adopt effective app store optimization tactics. For instance, using correct keywords, optimizing the title, selecting the perfect app name, etc.


Why Is ASO Important?

ASO is a strategy that can make your mobile app a super hit and can leave your competitors behind the game. It enhances the overall application’s visibility, audience engagement, expands brand publicity, etc.

Imagine how hard it is to highlight your mobile application among billions of apps. But you can become unstoppable if you leverage the app store optimization best practices accurately. 

App store optimization enhances the number of downloads, increases the app growth more organically, and makes it discoverable for the relevant users. 

Top 7 Best Practices of App Store Optimization

  • Know Your Users

What else is the better way to expand the mobile application visibility than by knowing your intended user's behavior and interests? 

Get to know your intended user’s interest, preferences, using behavior, and take several ASO strategies into action accordingly. Gain insights for better app information. You can also focus on the following points.

  • How will users use your app?
  • What language do they use?
  • How will they describe your application? 


  • Use the Right Keywords


Using suitable keywords is also among the app store optimization best practices that help users discover the app in different application stores. 

Do proper keyword research, and focus on the trending keywords that match your offered product or services. If you want to make your app visible on the top searches on the user's phone, consider using those keywords that searchers are using the most. 

Use unique and relevant keywords with description richness. It will not only catch the app store's attention but also attract multiple users. 


  • Choose the Suitable App Name


The name of the application tells a lot about the brand. So, choose a suitable app name that will be worth remembering and goes perfectly well with your brand. 

The app name is the first thing that catches the audience's eye so, make it count. Don't pick a too complicated name that can annoy people. Pick a short and simple app name that says a lot about your brand, and people can get a basic idea of what they will witness in the application further. Also, avoid building a dispute between the icon and the name

  • Optimize App's Title and Description


Here comes another ASO strategy that deserves equal attention like any other in the list of app store optimization strategies. That is App's description and title optimization. 

The title should be attractive enough to persuade the users instantly and use relevant keywords for better click-throughs. The description should be informative and well-captivating that involves at least one keyword giving a brief app description in just a few words. 

Plus, it works well for the ranking algorithm purpose. A basic description of the application is enough like, app features, price, application functions, etc. 

  • Add Relevant Screenshots and Videos


We all know that the first impression is the last. So, make it worthwhile by adding relevant screenshots and videos.  

One of the powerful app store optimization tips is adding relevant screenshots and videos. It is a kind of visual communication that gives a better preview of the application to the visitors. 

A glimpse of the app via screenshot or video builds the trust in users, and there is no other guaranteed way to attract them, by showcasing beautiful application designs. What say?

  • Emphasize Reviews and Ratings


People read the reviews and ratings of the application before using it, just like you read the review of any movie/show before binging it. Now you find it relatable!

Ratings and reviews decide the application's popularity. And this is when ASO influences the app's reviews and ratings that encourage the audience to install the application. Always remember, the better the rating and reviews are, the more the application authenticity appears. 

  • Use App Store Analytics


Do you think that application store optimization strategies end here? Well, not really because there is still one left. App store analytics is also one of the topmost ASO strategies.

It is the most helpful strategy that keeps an eye on the application's conversion. Other than this, it points out certain application elements that are either not working or need improvement. It advances the app marketing strategy in remarkable ways. Also, it pays close attention from impressions to installations, and so on. 

Winding Up

So this was it! Now, you must have got an idea about ASO, why it is important, and how you can leverage ASO for effective app marketing. 

It’s time to bring all your learnings into practice. Follow the above-mentioned ASO strategies to increase your app’s visibility, rank higher, reach the right users, and drive maximum installs. Good luck!

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