How to make continuous carbon fiber reinforced PEEK prepreg tape?

How to make continuous carbon fiber reinforced PEEK prepreg tape?
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04 October 2022

How to make continuous carbon fiber reinforced PEEK prepreg tape?

Prepreg tapes play a crucial role in the production of cutting-edge materials for the automotive industry and aerospace. But what distinguishes prepreg tapes so uniquely? The advantages and disadvantages of the various prepreg tapes available on the market will be discussed in this article. We will also talk about how to use special equipment to make your continuous carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK prepreg tape.

What is carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK tape?


PEEK tape, a type of prepreg tape made of epoxy coated with polyethylene, is reinforced with carbon fibers. It is a strong, light tape that can be used for advanced aerospace applications and structural components.

This tape has a high degree of strength and durability due to its carbon fiber content. Additionally, it can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for wind turbine blades and aircraft parts.

PEEK tape reinforced with continuous carbon fiber is easy to make, requires few supplies, and takes very little time to put together. If you follow the steps below, you can make this tape in just a few steps.

How is carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK tape used?


Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK tape is a type of prepreg tape made of carbon fiber and polyethylene glycol (PEG) in alternating layers. The PEG contributes to providing a moisture barrier and ensuring a smooth adhesive surface, while the carbon fiber helps to reinforce the tape.

The lightweight and high strength of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK tape are two of its advantages. Aerospace, automotive, and medical are just a few of the applications that can benefit from this kind of tape.

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What are the benefits of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK tape?

Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK tape is a great choice for applications where high strength and toughness are needed. The benefits of carbon fiber reinforced PEEK tape include:

-High strength and toughness
-Low weight and density
-Low thermal conductivity
-Excellent fatigue resistance

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How to make continuous carbon fiber reinforced PEEK prepreg tape?

PEEK prepreg tape, which is continuously reinforced with carbon fiber, is a very strong and light material that is ideal for a wide range of uses. You will learn how to make this tape using the prepreg method in this straightforward tutorial. To ensure a successful outcome, ensure that you have all of the required supplies before beginning and that you carefully follow the instructions.

There are other varieties of carbon fiber that might be connected to PEEK prepreg tape, such as:

-Carbon Composites Tube

-Carbon Fiber Fender Vents

-Carbon Fiber Laminate Sheet​, etc.


You will need to use some kind of prepreg if you want to make a custom product, like carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK prepreg tape. We'll show you how to use a rotary die press to make continuous carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK prepreg tape in this article. This procedure is straightforward and can be completed in a few hours. The following supplies are required:

-Rotary die press
-Carbon fiber reinforcement (preferably in the form of pre-pitched strips)
-PEEK adhesive
-Cordless drill with bit size appropriate for the PEEK material
-Jigsaw or saws

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