How To Make Custom Printed Noodles Boxes Super Tempting And Flavorsome

How To Make Custom Printed Noodles Boxes Super Tempting And Flavorsome
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27 October 2022

Our custom noodle boxes are perfect for packing lip-smacking noodles. Whether you are a fan of Ramen, Soba, or Shirataki noodles, we have packaging for all. We know how to infuse Chinese vibes without disturbing the aesthetics of each box. Everything is properly executed before heading to the production phase, from box size, material, design, lamination, and add-ons. We know that proving your identity in the food industry takes a toll on one's nerves. The hyper-competitive market puts newbies brands under immense pressure. But iCustomBoxes always comes up with practical packaging solutions. Our packaging experts give their 100% in guiding you through each customization step. Undoubtedly the joint effort of our material specialist, estimators, graphic designers, and quality assurance team makes everything easy and breezy. Are you ready to experience the roller coaster ride of unique designs, colors, and box styles? Here we have collected amazing ideas to give an ultimate look to your packaging.

Captivating Designs

Do you want your customers to relish the taste of spicy noodles? Perfect! How about packing the yummy noodles in Chinese-inspired designs? Wholesale noodle boxes printed with Pagoda, Chinese symbols, and inscriptions are a sight to behold. It helps the foodies to connect and understand your brand's mission. The customers get an idea of the noodles' type, flavor, and seasoning by just looking at the box. Packaging, if done right, acts as a silent salesperson. Hence it makes your brand the hot favorite amongst foodaholics. Unfortunately, several food brands underestimate the power of customized packaging. They are unaware of the superpowers of creative designs. Our team at iCustomBoxes offers a flavorsome range of designs, colors, and add-ons to give a unique look to the boxes. Isn't that amazing?

Customized Handles

Have you packed noodles for your road trip? Awesome! Do you fear that the noodles with losing their flavor and get hard as a rock? Our Chinese noodle boxes are the best. It keeps your noodles fresh, hot, and flavorsome during the trip. There is no chance of accidental opening or tearing apart of the boxes. We use cardboard and kraft paper for manufacturing the boxes. The eco-friendly material is lightweight, 100%recyclable, sturdy, and durable. Moreover, if you want to add customized handles, our team is on it. The noodle boxes with handles make the packaging super flexible and easy. You can easily carry and open the box during trips, parties, and traveling without the fear of mess.

Add Superb Laminations And Finishings

The hot and tender noodles contain a certain amount of oil and moisture. And if the packaging lacks surface lamination, the foodaholics always rant about the greasy and soggy box texture. Therefore, to make the boxes stain, grease and dirt-free, box lamination is a must. Are you a sucker for high-quality custom noodle boxes canada with smooth and glossy surfaces? Check out our amazing range of coatings.

  • Spot UV
  • Matte/gloss lamination
  • Aqueous coating

Accurately Sized Packaging

It is unprofessional behavior to deliver the food items in over or undersized boxes. In both cases, it harms your food chain's reputation and the customers in the long run. Also, improper packaging is a waste of resources resulting in uncontrolled landfills. We are sure no food brand is up for it. Hence accurately crafted custom noodle boxes are a no-brainer. It is a double win for the brands and the customers. Are you pondering how? Foodaholics feel happy to open the food container that contains the appropriate amount of noodles. They give your brand a thumbs up and positive customer reviews and turn them into repeat customers. And at the end, it reflects your brand's responsible behavior.

What Are The Perks Of Choosing The OG Custom Box Manufacturer?

iCustomBoxes is a legendary company for paper selection, box designing, and providing customized services. We take pride in serving top-notch brands, customers, and businesses across USA and Canada. Our team is available 24/7 to satisfy the customer's needs. The defining feature of our service? We use advanced printing machinery, sustainable material, sophisticated surface laminations, modern die-cutting, and beautiful embellishments. Our in-house experts strive hard to create error-free packaging. Your satisfaction and approval mean the world to us. While crafting wholesale noodle boxes, we focus on every packaging element: color, design, illustrations, text, and add-ons. We believe your fast food chain deserves the noodle boxes crafted with excellence. You will never rant about the box quality and printing; mark our words. On top of that, our rates are super affordable and won't cost the earth. Our printed custom food boxes aim to prevent the spoilage of enclosed food items. We offer stylish, original, and functional packaging to give an exclusive look to your food brand. Our material analysts don't budge an inch away regarding ecologically friendly material. For us, our planet and our customers are equally valuable. We can't imagine losing either of them. And for that purpose, we encourage you to select sustainable material. Lastly, there is no need to fear late deliveries. We are well-known for timely delivering parcels to your doorstep-without additional charges. Give us a call at +1-800-347-2197 if you want to order premium-quality boxes or seek expert advice.


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