How to make your home safe for private violin lessons

Rae Grae Rae Grae 29 November 2020
How to make your home safe for private violin lessons

It is not news that the pandemic has many ill-effects on how we do our daily lives and routines. It has put the world to a halt for months now. However, countries have been trying to slowly open and resume activities but with caution. For example, people can now go to work but they should still follow safety protocols like wearing masks and social distancing. The same is observed with various extra activities that we used to do. 

We can now attend swimming, dance, and violin lessons Singapore sessions as long as we follow guidelines. For further safety, we can conduct musical lessons in the comfort of our own home through private violin lessons. We should take precautionary measures such as disinfecting and wearing masks even if we are indoors. If you want to conduct these lessons in your home, here are a few reminders on how to make your home safe for private violin lessons.


The first thing to keep your homes safe for your private violin lessons is to disinfect every corner possible. The spread of the virus can easily be prevented when we keep our surroundings clean at all times. It is one of the most effective ways to make sure that the virus will not spread any further. With this, you can also be sure that your violin lessons Singapore teacher is safe. 

Disinfecting your house is not limited to the designated space for the violin lessons Singapore session. It is advisable to also clean the other parts of your home to ensure the effectiveness of this measure. You must also disinfect and clean all equipment that you are using for the violin class Singapore session. Your violin, music, stand, tables, and chair should be included in this cleaning process. This step is taken for you and your violin teacher to have safe private violin lessons. 

Prepare a designated spot

After making sure that you have a safe home for private violin lessons, pick a spot where it can be conducted. Make this spot the regular place for violin lessons Singapore sessions in your home. This way, you can contain the interaction between you and your teacher. This can also prevent the possible further spread of the virus. You have to stick to this spot every time you are going to have violin lessons Singapore sessions in your home. 

In this spot, you can also prepare necessary disinfectants like alcohol, hand sanitizers, and wet wipes. This way, you can disinfect while having the lessons. The spot should be near a bathroom or a sink for easy access. This way you and your instructor can clean and disinfect now and then without having to roam around the house. 

Follow safety protocols

Safety protocols must still be followers even if the violin lessons Singapore class will be held indoors or in the comfort of your homes. Your safety and your instructor’s safety should always be prioritized especially in times like this. One common safety measure is to always wear face masks. It is one of the most effective and proven ways to prevent the further spread of the virus. Many studies are proving the effectiveness of face masks when it comes to preventing the further spread of the virus. Violin lessons Singapore sessions only require hand movements to be conducted. It does not usually require voice practice unless communicating with the instructor. The masks will not get in the way of the private violin lessons. This is one of the safety measures observed even outside.

Another safety protocol that must be followed is observing social distancing. This must still be followed even on private violin lessons. This can be done by maintaining a safe distance between you and the instructor. Social distancing is important to slow down or even prevent the virus from jumping from one person to another if ever one of you is infected. Violin lessons Singapore sessions would not require much close interaction between the student and teacher that is why this can be easily practiced. The effectiveness of these protocols is scientifically proven to be true. This is why they should always be followed and observed. 

Have a safe lesson with us

The pandemic should not hinder us from doing the things that we like. However, we should be responsible when we do activities indoors and outdoors. There are proper safety protocols that may be followed all the time. With Violin Lessons Singapore, you can be sure that you will have a safe and fun experience.

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