How to Maximize Sales With Corrugated Boxes?

How to Maximize Sales With Corrugated Boxes?
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07 October 2021

Every manufacturer wants the best packaging for their products. They try their best to design a box that gives excellent protection to their product while showcasing it exceptionally. Custom corrugated boxes are a great solution for such packaging requirements. These are made of corrugated material which is one of the sturdiest materials available. It is the manufacturer's first choice for shipping purposes. However, it can be used for any design you want as well.

If you are struggling to get the ideal Corrugated Boxes, then this guide is here to help you out. Read this till the end to get to know the methods for getting the best boxes ever. 

Go for impressive designs

How to Maximize Sales With Corrugated Boxes?

Selecting a suitable design for boxes is one of the most crucial tasks. The design you choose should be attractive and efficient as well. If a box is appealing, but its use is difficult, then the customer won’t buy from you again.  

You can pick any design for corrugated custom boxes. Moreover, you can also customize their size, color, shape, and other details as well. Some of the most common designs used for these boxes are: 

 Sleeve boxes

 Mailer boxes. 

 Display boxes. 

 Dispenser boxes. 

 Book-end boxes. 

Two-piece boxes. 

The appearance of these boxes can be further enhanced with customized coatings. Packaging companies offer the following coatings for making your boxes amazing: 

 Gloss coating. 

Matte coating. 

Spot UV. 

Improve safety with inserts 

Custom-made corrugated boxes are used for various purposes such as display, shipping, and much more. Thus, they have to be handled in different ways, as well. This is why you need to secure your products in the best way possible. Corrugated material offers good safety, but you can always maximize it by using inserts. Inserts keep the products in their place. So, if the box falls or slips, the products will not be displaced or damaged.  

Moreover, customers dislike it when they unbox the products, and everything is cluttered inside. Thus, using inserts can make assembling your products efficient and neat as well. There are various inserts that you can choose from, such as: 





 Punch inserts. 

 Fence inserts. 

These Striking Color Combinations Are All That You Need

How to Maximize Sales With Corrugated Boxes?

Vibrant and bright colors are an excellent way to make your pre roll packaging boxes look enticing. Unique color combinations are great for catching the customer’s eye. Moreover, it is also beneficial to use colors according to your target audience. For instance, if your product is for children, then using vivid and bright colors is recommended.  

On the other hand, various companies have started preferring the minimalistic look. They use solid colors for their boxes for a sleek and modern look. However, it is totally up to you to choose whichever color you think is right for your box. In addition to this, you can also customize the color models for custom corrugated cardboard boxes as well. The color models you can choose from are CMYK and PMS. 

Carefully consider the available printing options  

Printing plays a vital role in the designing of boxes. Customers mostly make the buying decision after reading the information printed on the box. Thus, it is necessary to include necessary details about your product and flaunt it the best way you can so that more people buy it. These details may consist of the direction for use, any necessary precautions, expiration date, and so on. However, it is essential to highlight the qualities that make your product unique. The information should be so impressive that the customer should have no other choice but to buy your product.  

Also, it is a great idea to order custom printed corrugated boxes with logo and brand name printed in an appealing manner. This will help you in establishing a place in the market for your brand. Moreover, as more people will use your products, they will further advertise them to their peers as well. Hence, this will increase your customers and sales simultaneously.  

In addition to this, you can also customize the printing techniques for your boxes as well. Every technique has different qualities that enhance the design of the boxes. choose from the following methods: 

 Offset printing. 

 Flexography printing. 

 Digital printing. 

How To Find The Right Packaging Company?

How to Maximize Sales With Corrugated Boxes?

Selecting a company is a task that requires great effort. This is because the company you choose will result in the type of boxes you get. To order custom corrugated boxes in USA you should research to find a suitable company. It would be best if you look for a company that fulfills all your requirements without compromising your budget.  

After choosing a company, you can also avail of their professional advice for any problem related to the design of your boxes. Moreover, you can also request a prototype after designing the box. This will help you evaluate the quality of custom corrugated boxes manufactured by the company. Also, it will help you decide if the chosen design is suitable for your products or not. You can choose from the following prototype options: 

 Flat view. 

 3D inspection. 

 Physical sampling. 

Pick UrgentBoxes for premium quality services 

Urgent Boxes is a US-based packaging company. They offer good quality services at budget-friendly rates. Moreover, you can customize any aspect of your boxes easily here. They manufacture one of the best custom printed boxes wholesale as well. Furthermore, they offer free delivery all over the USA.  

You can visit their website for further information regarding their services. Also, you can contact their 24/7 operational customer support as well.


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