How to Prepare for Interview Questions and Answers For freshers?

How to Prepare for Interview Questions and Answers For freshers?
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While applying for a job, a candidate must think about interview preparation and the aptitude test that companies usually conduct. However, there are different aptitude tests to screen and shortlist the right candidates. Therefore, understanding interview questions and answers for freshers can help you prepare for the task and make you feel comfortable.

For interview preparation, it's important to be conversant with aptitude tests and boost your chances of getting the dream job. This article will discuss common interview questions and aptitude tests with the most appropriate responses to give preparation tips.


Types of Aptitude Interview Questions

During the recruitment process, different types of questions are asked by the hiring managers. The following are the most common types of questions that are asked of candidates:

Questions with Abstract Reasoning: 

HR managers usually ask abstract reasoning questions to assess your mental ability to find logical connections between the dataset. Such interview questions provide a clue to the employer to evaluate your creativity and ability to solve problems quickly.

Questions about Numerical reasoning: 

Such questions help employers to analyze your aptitude for numbers. This aptitude test evaluates your skill in using numbers and working with graphs, statistics, and equations.

Questions about Verbal reasoning:

The purpose of verbal reasoning questions is to analyze your reading comprehension ability. The prospective employer uses this aptitude test to assess your ability to understand, analyze and reach accurate conclusions from written information.

Psychological questions: 

Hiring managers ask psychometric questions to test your ability to understand real-time scenarios. It determines your ability to take the right decisions at the right time.

Questions about logical reasoning:

The objective of asking logical reasoning questions is to evaluate your ability to conclude from the information. These types of questions help employers to know about your problem-solving skills.


What are some common interview questions for freshers?

Freshers can expect different types of questions depending on the company's nature. Employers usually ask questions to determine whether the applicants are suitable for the job. If you are going through interview preparation, get ready for such questions:

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • How you came to know about this post?
  • Why are you interested in working here?
  • Why did you apply for this post?
  • What is your strongest point?
  • What are your strong and weak sides?
  • How much do you know about us?

Tips for the Preparation of Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

The following tips can help you perform to ace the aptitude test using the best of your abilities:

  • Try to understand the question: Understanding the question before answering it is important. Therefore, read it a couple of times to fully understand it. You may get a question that only requires you to use some basic logic.
  • Time Management is Crucial:Employers expect candidates to finish their aptitude tests within a fixed period. Therefore, always keep an eye on your watch and try to answer as many questions as you can.
  • Watch out for trap questions: Recruiters often ask questions in the aptitude test to assess the candidate's intelligence. Don’t fall prey to such questions; answer only when you are confident.

 What are the most common Interview Questions and Answers for freshers?

 These are the most common aptitude questions to practice before you appear for the next interview:

 Numerical reasoning questions

  1. Suppose you bought ten apples, eight oranges, and 12 papayas for Rs 240. The cost of eight apples, six oranges, and ten papayas is Rs 180. Find the cost of one apple, one orange, and one papaya.

 Solution: Assume the cost of apple = x, orange= y, papaya = z

 Therefore, we get the following equations

10x + 8y + 12z = 240

8x + 6y + 10z = 180

Subtract the second equation from the first equation, and we get

 2x + 2y + 2z = 60

 x + y + z = 30

 So, the cost of one apple, orange, and papaya is Rs 30.


  1. There are two numbers in the ratio 5:4. After subtracting 12 from each number, the new numbers are in the ratio of 4:3. Which is the smaller number?

Solution: Suppose two numbers are 5x and 4x.

 Therefore, (5x – 12) ÷ (4x – 12) = 4 ÷ 3 3(5x – 12) = 4(4x – 12)

 15x – 36 = 16x – 48 x = 12

 The first number is 5x=5x12=60, and the other is 4x=4x12= 48. So, the smaller number is 48.


  1. Krishna, Vimal, and Rahul can complete a particular work in 10, 15, and 30 days. How many days can Krishna complete the work if Vimal and Rahul assist him every third day?

 Solution: Krishna's two day's work is: 

 (1/10) x 2 = 1/5

Krishna, Vimal, and Rahul's one-day work are as follows:

 (1/10) + (1/15) + (1/30) = 1/5

 Work done in three days:

 (1/5) + (1/5) = 2/5

 Now, all three complete 2/5th of the work in 3 days. So, the time for completing the entire work is:

 3 x (5/2) = 7.5 days

  1. The letters included in the word “WOOLLEN” can be arranged in how many ways?

 Solution: WOOLLEN has seven letters in which O and L are repeated twice. The required number of permutations for the word WOOLLEN will be:

 7! ÷ ((2!) (2!))

 or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2) ÷ (2 x 2) = 1260.

 Hence, you can form 1260 words by arranging all the letters in WOOLLEN.

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