How to Prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-1065-22 Exam For 100% Results?

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How to Prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-1065-22 Exam For 100% Results?

The Oracle 1Z0-1065-22 exam requires strong syllabus mastery. The syllabus is broad and includes various topics and subjects. The exam doesn't specify a syllabus percentage or a topic length; therefore, candidates are expected to know the entire syllabus and prepare for it accordingly.

Question: 1

Identify the document in which the Supplier field is not mandatory
A. Invoice

B. Quotation

C. Requisition

D. Purchase Order

E. Request for Quotation

Answer: A

Question: 2

Your customer has several Procurement centers across the world. During implementation, the customer wants to implement the same payment terms policy for all the Business units. Identify the correct approach to fulfill this customer requirement in the application using Functional Setup Manager

A. Define same payment terms across all Business Units

B. Define 'Payment Terms' and assign those to one reference object. Then assign that reference object to all Business Units for reference object 'Payment Terms'

C. Use 'Common' reference object for all Business Units

D. Define Payment Terms in each business unit and assign those to different reference objects specific to those Business Units?

Answer: A

Question: 3

During your fusion procurement implementation one of the requirements of your customer is to accrue the expenses on receipt. To fulfill this requirement, you have been asked to setup Expense Accruals to accrue 'At Receipt'. Where will you configure this flag ?

A. Common Payables and procurement options for Procurement business unit

B. Configure requisitioning business function for requisitioning business unit

C. Configure procurement business function for procurement business unit
D. Supplier site assignment for the supplier site

E. Common Payables and procurement options for Sold-to Business unit Correct

Answer: E

Question: 4

Your customer has a requirement that whenever an employee who is an approver of documents like blanket agreements or purchase order goes on vacation, the administrator should be able to provide an alternate approval route for the documents being submitted by the employee's subordinates. Identify the rule which is required to be setup to achieve this:
A. Modified rule in 'document approval' task

B. Substitute rule in 'document approval' task

C. Re-assign the approval task by providing alternate id of a new approver

D. Document approval

Answer: B

Question: 5

Oracle Cloud applications provide a set of predefined Job Roles which can be assigned to users for performing specific activities/operations. Identify the two job roles that can be defined for Cloud Procurement users?

A. Sourcing Project Collaborator

B. Procurement Agent

C. Procurement Contracts Administrator

D. Procurement Administrator

Answer: A,C

Question: 6

The business units in your organization are set up with a Client-Service Provider relationship. Requesters from the requisition(client) business units need to utilize a blanket agreement for automatic creation of purchase orders for their requisitions. Identify the configuration that needs to be used by the buyer who is creating the blanket agreement to be made available to other 'requisitioning business units' for purchases against their requisitions

A. Setup Profile Option: 'Automatically generate orders'

B. Enable flag 'Automatically generate orders' in configure procurement business function for the procurement business unit

C. Enable flag 'Automatically generate orders' in each client business unit

D. Enable flag ''Automatically generate orders' in control tab of blanket purchase agreement

E. Enable flag 'Automatically generate orders' in the purchase order when buyer submits it

Answer: D

Question: 7

During a Cloud Procurement implementation, you have gathered the required details for setting up approvals for blanket purchase agreements. Identify the task under which you will need to configure the business rules setup in approval management system:

A. 'Requisition approval' task

B. 'Purchasing document management'task

C. Manage Purchasing Document Approval

D. 'Blanket agreement approval' task

E. 'Purchasing agreement approval' task

Answer: B

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