How to Properly Accessorize an Antique Bedside Table

How to Properly Accessorize an Antique Bedside Table
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12 October 2022

You can give your bedroom an instant dose of understated elegance by including a pair of antique bedside tables. They are not only useful for stowing away books, lamps, and other small items, but they may also serve as a beautiful canvas on which to display framed photographs or other works of art in the master or guest bedroom.

Having a matching set of antique bedside tables is a terrific way to give your room a classic look and feel.

Now comes the fun part: deciding how to spruce up that antique bedside table. In this article, we will reveal some secrets for achieving a visually appealing and practical bedside table for your bedroom.

The Threes Principle
Putting the finishing touches on your bedside tables might be challenging. How much stuff can you lay down on a tabletop before it starts to feel crowded? There should be three of anything.

After the lamp, you have two more opportunities to showcase your style by placing decorative items on the table. Now there is just one opportunity to stack books with a single piece of ornament sitting on top of it and nothing more.

Your other highlight is the light or vase of fresh flowers. An instant burst of color and a pleasant aroma may be achieved with only a few stems of fresh flowers in a small vase.

Mix and Match
Variety is key when it comes to decorating antique nightstands. Lamps with a cylindrical base look best when paired with simple furnishings.

For instance, you may set an antique alarm clock next to the lamp. Alternatively, place a square picture frame next to it on the nightstand. This combines the round with the square.

Your final piece may then have a dynamic form, like the organic structure of a plant, or it might be an embellishment like dried flowers—anything to break up the monotony.

Engage Your Creative Side
Put a unique spin on your vintage nightstands by placing eye-catching works of art on them. You may choose between gorgeous framed prints of various landscapes, such as mountains, forests, or fields.

If you're going for a sophisticated aesthetic, choose prints that are framed. Hang two identical paintings on opposite walls above your bedside tables for a balanced aesthetic.

Framed artwork is a must for injecting color and character into any nook, no matter how small. The image you choose may be the last thing you see before falling asleep or the first thing you see when you wake up, so choose wisely.

Combine works of art with related subjects or color palettes for a smoother flow. When combining a number of disparate elements, symmetry is the way to go.

A Light in The Dark
Finally, while discussing the layout of antique nightstands, lighting is an essential component to consider. For more than simply aesthetics, a bedside lamp is an indispensable tool for those who like to read in the dark.

Many different types of bedside lights made from many different materials are readily available. Investing in one that complements your vintage bedside table is essential.

The good news is that you may choose from a wide range of nightstand lights, each with its own style, size, and material preferences. Investing some effort in finding the perfect one will pay off in the form of a stunning addition to your antique nightstand.

Now that you know how to style your nightstand, the fun part can begin: shopping for antique bedside tables online. Check out for the best vintage bedside tables.

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