How To Properly Maintain And Care For Bollards?

How To Properly Maintain And Care For Bollards?
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Bollards are a great security tool for your property. They're small, unobtrusive and easy to install, but they can be a pain in the neck to take care of if you don't know what you're doing. This guide will show you how to properly maintain bollard so that they stay in tip-top shape year after year.

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Keep the bollards clean

Keeping your bollard clean is a crucial part of maintaining their appearance and longevity. It's important to keep in mind that if you don't take care of your bollards, they will not last as long as they could have if you did. If you want to extend the life of your bollards, then it's best to clean them regularly with an approved cleaning method (see below).

The frequency with which you should clean your bollards depends on how often they get used and exposed to dirt or debris. 

For example, if there are many cars driving over them every day and there isn't much rain in the area, then it may be necessary for you to wash off the grime more often than someone who lives somewhere where rainfall is frequent and heavy enough such that most dirt won't stick around long enough before being washed away naturally by rainwater alone

Check for proper alignment of the bollards

When you're checking the alignment of your bollards, it's important to make sure they are in line with each other and the curb. If they aren't, this can cause issues like water pooling or drainage problems.

You should also check for any damage to the bollards and Patriot fence themselves--especially if they've been hit by cars or other vehicles. This could be an indication that it's time for maintenance work on them!

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Inspect the bollards for damage, corrosion and structural failure

  • Inspect the bollards for damage, corrosion and structural failure.
  • Check for cracks, rust and other signs of deterioration. If you find any of these things, repair or replace them immediately to avoid further damage to your property and people who may be using it.
  • Inspect the area around the bollards regularly to look for signs of wear and tear from impact from vehicles or other objects that could cause structural failure in time if left unchecked

Repaint them if required

Repainting bollards is a necessary part of their maintenance. If the bollard has been painted, it will need to be repainted again after a certain amount of time. 

For example, if you have metal bollards or Patriot fence on your property and they've been painted with an outdoor paint that lasts for five years (which is fairly common), then you'll want to repaint the metal every five years or so.

If your bollards are made of plastic instead of metal, then they may not need as frequent maintenance because plastic does not rust like metal does. 

But even still--if your plastic bollard has been painted with an outdoor paint that lasts for five years (which is fairly common), then you'll want to repaint the plastic after five years


Bollard is one of the most important elements of your property. They provide safety and security, but they also need to be maintained properly in order for them to last a long time. 

If you don't take care of these bollards, they can become damaged and may even need replacement sooner than expected. 

Make sure that all bollards are inspected regularly by professionals so that any issues can be addressed before they become serious problems!

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