How To Remix Snaps On Snapchat

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How To Remix Snaps On Snapchat

Snapchat the platform for sharing and sharing media, is laden with features. Filters are available in thousands that are available and you can also build your own filters. All this helps the platform keep users on the platform Snapchat.

This time around, Snapchat has introduced the Remix Snaps feature. It's similar to TikTok's Duet feature. It lets you respond to the stories of friends or create remixes using Snapchat's Snapchat memories. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to find out how to remix Snap on Snapchat.

What Is a Snapchat Remix?

Remix allows you to create a video response to the friend's Snap as their video plays directly alongside it. When you record your Remix you'll have the option of selecting different formats, such as whether your video appears next to, above, or in the corner of the original video.

This feature is remarkably similar to TikTok's Duets which are generally reserved for actual duets, as well as humorous collaborations or reactions. If you're looking for an explanation, here's how to duet on TikTok and the reasons why you should.

Duets are basically two-in-one videos that show the original video alongside the new one. TikTok as Snapchat, Snapchat lets users alter the layout of a Duet.

How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

  1. Launch the Snapchat app and press the icon for people in the bottom navigation bar. This will change to the "Stories" section. Then, tap on the story of your friend that you want to remix.
  2. After that, tap the three dots in the vertical direction in the upper-right corner. choose "Remix Snap" to react to the story's story on Snapchat.
  1. You now have access to the camera's viewfinder to respond on the Snap. Notably, you can use the on-screen buttons for positioning your reply or use special effects while reacting with the original Snap. Press the shutter button at the bottom to capture and verify the remix. Then, tap then the Send icon in order to broadcast your Snapchat remix.

Remix Snaps Using Snapchat Memories

The Snap may also be remixed by using Memories as well as adding effects. In addition, these remix Snaps may be included in your narrative and then saved to your device.

  1. Start Snapchat on your smartphone.
  2. Click Memories on the left side of the shutter button.
  3. Choose the desired image or video and press it.
  4. Click on the three-dot icon (top-right) then select Remix Snap.
  5. If you like to add special effects, select the options available on the left.
  6. Tap Send to the option to transmit the remix to the person you want to share it with. You can even add a photo to your story. To download, click Save.

What Is Snapchat+ Subscription Service?

Snapchat+ is actually Snapchat's premium subscription service. It gives users access to "a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features" in this messaging program. In addition, it includes a bunch of options to pin a friend as a BFF and an exclusive badge, the ability to count rewatches of stories, and much more. Snapchat+ does not remove ads on the platform which seems quite odd for a premium service. Additionally, Snapchat is not the only messaging app to launch an option to subscribe. The other popular messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram, have also announced WhatsApp Premium or Telegram Premium over the past few months. Therefore, it's not a piece of very big information for users.

Exclusive Features of Snapchat+ Subscription Service

The all-new premium subscription of Snapchat offers special features. If you want to know about them, let's talk about them.

  • Pin Friend as #1 BFF

Snapchat+ will offer a new option for you to add a friend in the middle of the chat window. It will be your top BFF.

  • Snapchat+ Badge

Snapchat+ offers all premium users like a star. It will be able to display an obscure star icon right next to your Snapchat profile name to show that you're a SnapchatPlus subscriber. The other users or friends of yours will see the Snapchat+ badge when they visit your profile.

  • Story Rewatch Count

This exclusive feature lets you know how many times your friends have watched your story. However, this feature is in its experimental stage at the moment and is scheduled to expand to more users in the not-too-distant future.

  • Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails is a feature in Snap Maps. It will make it possible to view the history of the location of your acquaintances over the past 24 hours. Additionally, Ghost Trails will be visible only if your friend has shared their place with you. If not, you won't be able to avail of this feature.

Work with Friends using Snapchat Remix

That's it. These are the steps that you must follow to remix Snaps on Snapchat. Although Snapchat Remix isn't as flexible as its TikTok Duets or Instagram Reel remix counterparts, it's a fun (and private) method to interact with your friends' latest updates. For those who are new to Snapchat, You might find our guide on changing Snapchat emoticons and creating Snapchat polls useful.

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