How to reset hp printer?

How to reset hp printer?
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02 November 2022

Has your printer hung up, is it running too slowly or is it constantly annoying with false error messages? We teach you how to reset your HP printer to fix some of these issues.

Is your HP printer on strike and even a regular restart doesn't change this fact? Well, a reset may solve your problem in this case. However, very few printers have special reset switches, so the device cannot be reset without effort and specific key combinations. But don't worry - our tips will help you reset your HP printer.


Reset HP printers: How it works

Are you looking for a way out of a world of error messages from your beloved HP printer? With a reset you can completely reset your device to its factory state, all settings and network connections will be deleted. These settings are then made again, but the reset solves the existing problems. Mechanical defects in the hardware occur as exceptions. So if the problem persists after a full reset, your device is most likely physically defective.


With most HP devices, you can easily reset the counter via the printer menu. The exact procedure varies from device to device. However, you should be aware that resetting your settings cannot be a standard recipe for printer problems - for this reason, the instructions for a reset are missing in the HP printer manual, which is also a relief.


Reset the HP printer with control buttons

For HP printer models that are equipped with control buttons, the reset can be performed in two different ways:


  1. If the printer stops responding, you should unplug the power cord and wait at least 30 seconds. Then press the # and 3 keys at the same time. The keys remain pressed until the power plug is plugged in again. As soon as the printer responds and starts up, the buttons are released again.
  2. If the printer still shows an activated control panel, but has an error, you should unplug the power cord while it is on. Then select the key combination # and 6. Hold both keys down while you plug the power plug back in and continue to hold them down until the information "Semi NVW Reset" appears on the control panel. If you then release the buttons, the printer starts a completely new initialization.

Reset for HP printers with sensor control panel

HP printing devices that have a touch panel to select the printer menu provide several ways to perform a reset.


  1. Partial reset: A so-called partial reset can be carried out via the menu in the input screen. Press the "Setup" menu item to be given the option to select the "Restore factory settings" option. A partial reset is then performed.
  2. Reset via hidden service menu: Some HP devices have a hidden service menu. You can get to this hidden menu by clicking three or four times on the unlit back arrow located at the bottom left of the input field. The term “Support Menu” will appear on the screen. Now scroll forward with the right arrow until the "Reset Menu" setting appears and follow the instructions - the hidden menu is mainly found on the models of the HP 8500 Pro A series.


But: Not all HP models have the option of resetting the counter using the built-in software. The manufacturer's resourceful Laserjet series, for example, cannot offer this function and therefore has to be overhauled after 50,000 prints. However, a soft reset is also possible with these devices using the "HP Print and Scan Doctor" software, so that minor errors can be quickly corrected.

Conclusion: Resetting HP printers is easy

If you want to reset your HP printer to get it up and running again, we hope our tips and tricks for printer reset your device will help you. On the other hand, if you have purchased a new HP printer and are wondering how to install it, we will show you how to connect your printer wirelessly to your notebook. If you are already impressed by the properties of conventional printers, 3D printers will completely surprise you. Because: Researchers have succeeded in producing a heart with a 3D printer.

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