How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Whether it is in real life or in video games, I love to ride horses. And when I found out that I could ride horses in Minecraft, I knew I had to try it out. However, I have already talked about it in my instructable about Minecraft Animals/Mobs. But in this Instructable, I have talked about how to tame and ride a horse in Minecraft in detail.

Step 1 - What All You Require 

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft 


First things first, if you want to ride a horse, you cannot do it without a Saddle. As luck would have it, you cannot make one in the game. Therefore, you would need to do it. But one good news is that you can find it occasionally hidden in chests all around the world. As another option, you can also put Horse Armor on horses. (Mind you, they cannot be donkeys or mules). This is also something that you cannot craft but can only find. However, you can equip your donkey or mule with a Chest. This will help you in carrying supplies for you. But you cannot do the same to a horse. 

Step 2 - Taming of the Horse

Before riding the Horse, you would need to have it under your control. So, first things first, try to tame it. And the way to do it is by clicking on the Horse just how you would like to use an item. Remember; do not try to do it while holding an item. In all probability, at first, the Horse will try to buck you off. Do not get alarmed by this action, though. Keep doing it till you get the hearts appearing on the screen. Along with that, you can also feed your Horse from a selection of foods like Horse Apples, Wheat, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, and Hay Bale. Once you start the feeding, your Horse should be easy to tame. 


Step 3 - Riding Your Horse 

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

After your Horse is tamed, no more will it try to buck you off. But having said that, as a precautionary measure, you should still try to put a saddle on it before it sets off to go where it pleases. At this point, you can either choose to get on it, or you can point towards the Horse. Then open your inventory and the Horse's menu. 

Now, drag the saddle up to where you see the outline of the saddle is. You should now be able to ride after completing the entire step. As an option, you can also put armor on your Horse. To place, look for the area which is right below the saddle.  

One thing to remember is that you should not attempt to ride in water that is deeper than 1block. In case if you still try to have a daredevil attempt at the same, your Horse can throw you off, which can lead you to start drowning. If you face such a scenario, you may want to use a lead. It will help you to get your Horse out of the water so that you can ride again without having to halt for the longest period of time. 

Generally speaking, a horse has the ability to walk over flat land and over blocks that are about one block high. Online, I have read that they can jump even higher. But in my personal experience, I have seen my Horse jump to 2 blocks high at the maximum. If you also want your Horse to jump and gallop, hold down the space bar until the action bar (above the items) reaches the top of the blow. Feel free to refer to the image for more clarification. Once you let go, your Horse will take a jump. Keeping that in your mind, do not forget to move forward at the same time.

Step 4 - Chests 

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft 


As mentioned earlier, you can use the chest only on a donkey or a mule. In order to equip it, use it on the animal of choice in the same manner as to how you would utilize any other item on it. You can get the saddles and horse armor back from the donkey or the mule. However, you cannot do that with the chest. To remove it, you will have to kill the animal. It may sound very merciless, but that's the way it is in the game, unfortunately.

Minecraft games has been popular with people for a long time. With the new feature of horses, it becomes more fun. Learn all there is about to know in an easy way.

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