How to run Facebook ads what is it advantages

How to run Facebook ads what is it advantages

Are you wondering whether Facebook ads provide an effective channel of communication? The answer is yes as long as you know how to run Facebook ads. Therefore, don’t think that seeing these ads in your news feeds is a waste of time. 

The challenge with most people is that they find these ads to be a total nuisance and annoying. The truth of the matter is that these ads can work wonders for business owners. It tells you why you should consider using them as they will give you a massive return. 

How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively

Facebook ads are as important as organic social media, SEO, flawless web design, email marketing, content marketing and so on. Billions of people use Facebook ads on a daily basis. The challenge is that most of them don’t know how to run Facebook ads. 

If you publish targeted Facebook and Google ads on your platform, you will have a high chance of reaching them. It is not easy to get organic traffic on Facebook. That is why you should learn how to run Facebook ads. 

As you look at the use of Facebook ads, it does not refer to the use of the boost button. You need to visit the page and create highly targeted ads from the onset. It is good to have a clear distinction between these elements. 


If you still don’t know how to run Facebook ads and its benefits, this article will teach you how to invest in them. The benefits of using Facebook ads include; 

Facebook Ads Advertisement Provide Robust Analytics 

The analytics that you get from Facebook ads are not available elsewhere. Facebook does not have limits when giving you analytics and reports about the performance of your ads. 

You won’t have to make your own assumptions or guesses about what is working and what does not. The ads manager neatly lays down the social metrics for you. The only thing you will have to do is analyze them and determine the next step. 

It gives you metrics about your post engagements, weekly reach, page likes, and the posts that have the best performance. With this data, you will be able to adjust your ads based on what is required. If you can’t track and measure something, you will not know if it is working and how to improve it. 

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Micro-Target Your Specific Audience 

Facebook ads have an amazing targeting capability when dealing with the level of granularity. You can target based on languages, locations, connections, age ranges, demographics, behaviors, and interests. It is also possible to target the fans of your competitors. 

If most of your fans are on Snapchat, you can complement that with Facebook ads. Layer and combine your users as this will help you to eliminate the ones who are not part of your target audience. The quality of your audience is more important than its size.

What you need are conversations and you need to target those Facebook users who are also potential customers. These people have a higher possibility of buying your products and they are not just random visitors. Facebook targeting excels more than any other platform. It has options that you will not find on any other platform. 

Create Ads That Cater For Your Specific Objectives

Facebook is a platform that makes it very simple to create an ad. It guides you on how to choose the type of ad, audience targeting, and set your budget and timeframe. Therefore, it gives you an effortless digital marketing experience.

The ads are also customized to what you are trying to achieve. Some of these objectives include page likes, website clicks, post engagement, and any other thing that you can use as a basis of creating an ad. It allows users to control their ads in a better way. 

It also informs Facebook how to optimize its website in order to deliver the best possible results. Because these ads are customizable, you may create something that can reflect your target audience and brand for a better response.

You Reach Far Than the Organic Posts 

If you run a business page, you can be sure that a very small fraction of your followers will view your posts. It is a fact that very few entrepreneurs across the world know. 

Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages over time. The platforms prioritize posts from family and friends which puts business pages at the back of the burner.  

To successfully use Facebook for sem, you have to use ads to succeed. The good news is that you only need a small budget to do so. 

Facebook Ads Allows Remarketing to Individuals who have Been Interacting with You

The other great way to reach out to your target audience is remarketing. It allows people who visited your website in the past to view your ads. As people see your Facebook page for the first time, they may just take a glance and not go far. 

However, when they come the next time, there is a high possibility that you will convert them into buying customers. One-touch will never be enough as people need to visit your brand severally before taking an action.


With all these tips, you now have a clear picture of how to run Facebook ads. One thing that makes it similar to blogging is that you have to update your ads frequently. With the right strategy in place, Facebook ads form a reliable marketing strategy. The good thing is that you can use them even when running your website on a free theme.

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