How to scrape data from a website without code

How to scrape data from a website without code
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19 February 2022

Data gathered from the internet allows you to analyze competitors' prices and automate manual workflows, and even create entire businesses by making publicly available data useful.

Some of the most profitable companies worldwide, such as Google, Amazon, and IBM are powered by scraping data.

With the advent of visualization tools to extract data small-scale businesses can use the information to gain an advantage in sales, real estate for e-commerce, and many others.

In this article, you'll discover everything you need to know about data extraction to start your very first (or millions of) scraping projects for websites today.

This week, we'll concentrate on using web scrapes to gather data from any website without the requirement of codes.

Web Scraping that does not require code

ParseHub is an effective, free website scraper that can extract information from websites.

The most important thing is that ParseHub is made to be very user-friendly and doesn't require prior knowledge of programming.

In most instances, it's as easy as clicking the link you'd like. This can be information gleaned from review sites for eCommerce as well as financial sites.

To help you reach where you'd like to go, we've compiled some tips to scrape the internet on all kinds of sites.

1. Web Scraping extensions

Certain software is able to function as scrapers when they are added and downloaded by browsers. They can be downloaded via Firefox or Chrome add-ons. You are capable of installing them to take advantage of their scraping capabilities. Because they integrate with Firefox, they can interact directly with the content of the web page, which allows you to choose which elements you wish to scrape.

With just a few mouse-clicks just a couple of mouse clicks, you can access web-based information even while you're moving. The inherent properties of these tools allow them ideal for scraping data. You can also alter or customize the program to suit your needs. If you want to access data that is complex, you'll have to narrow your focus to pages with the same data structure. Naturally, the process is easy to test and then say goodbye as you explore the many choices.

2. Outwit Hub

Outwit hub is a Firefox extension that is easily downloaded from The Firefox extensions shop. Once it's activated and installed, it will add scraping capabilities to the Firefox browser. Initial versions include the ability to recognize data points to assist you in making your web crawling and scraping tasks. It is a lot easier. Extracting data from websites using Outwit hub is not a requirement for the application of any programming expertise. The process is easy to learn. You can follow our tutorial on working with outwit hub. Outwit Hub to start getting information extracted with the web scraping program. It's completely free this software is an excellent option for those looking to get information from the internet in a short time.

3. Spinn3r

Spinn3r is a great option to scrape all data from news sites and social media and RSS feeds. Spinn3r utilizes the firehose API which is responsible for 85 percent of the indexing and web crawling jobs. It lets you filter the data it crawls using keywords that help in removing irrelevant data. Its Spinn3r Indexing System is comparable to Google and records the content it extracts in JSON format. The software for scraping works by continuously scanning the web and updating their database. It also comes with an administrator console that is loaded with options that permit users to conduct searches on the data in its raw format. Spinn3r is among the best web scraping applications for users whose data requirements are restricted to media websites.

4. Google sheets

Another excellent tool to collect information and not need to write down codes can be found in Google Docs. It is possible to, for example, use the import HTML function to import data from Wiki pages, and then move the data into another Excel spreadsheet. It is important to understand the fundamentals of HTML in addition to XML. Google Sheets Import XML function will search for a specified XML data set, so you can take the information it has.


In actuality, the most effective web scraping techniques employ one kind of programming, or another, mostly because of their capacity to be adaptable. It's not necessarily a fatal hazard for people who don't want to learn about the process of programming or writing code. is a web scraping program that is user-friendly and doesn't need programming but still maintains professionalism and reliability. At the end of the day, you'll be able to take more time as the company's owner and oversee the different aspects of your company. It's all without spending any money learning how to program or hiring a programmer.

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