How to Secure Your Shopify Store from Hackers?

How to Secure Your Shopify Store from Hackers?
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17 December 2021

Over the last few years, eCommerce has become an essential part for every business owner because it generates a huge return on investment. In fact, as per the survey, the eCommerce market is expected to reach over $4 trillion, and the figure will grow in the coming years. 
However, have you ever thought about why eCommerce is crucial? Well, maybe because it lets online store owners reach customers globally, and most importantly, it is a great deal of comfort for customers to shop online. Also, as per Statista, there are 2.14 billion digital buyers globally. So, that's huge, no?
Having said that, one of the common concerns of almost every merchant is security, and they cannot neglect it at any cost. Thus, for that matter, you can pick Shopify because it is indeed a great choice. It is a highly secure platform that makes it the number one choice of many business owners. Hence, numerous online store owners consult a reputable Shopify web development company to build a secure and exquisite online store. 

There are still many business owners who are not aware of different Shopify security practices. Nevertheless, you can thank me as I have put together a list of all the major ways to secure your Shopify store that will save your pockets from getting drained. 

So, are you ready to explore all the tried and tested Shopify security practices? I am sure you are but before moving further, let me familiarize you with the importance of Shopify security in this digital era.
Let's go!

Why Is It Essential to Keep Your Shopify Store Secure in Today's Time?

Today we hear the news of data breaching every other day. Right? As per the reports shared by IBM, the data breach cost rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021. In fact, 78% of the company lacks confidence in their company's cybersecurity posture and aiding 91% to increase the 2021 budget. 

Thus, when it comes to the Shopify store, you need to strengthen its security because, without security measures, you will put your business and customer data at risk. The different Shopify security measures protect the finances of an online business, prevent fraud, and most importantly, defend the online store's reputation. 

7 Tried and Tested Ways to Secure Your Shopify Store

  • Get an SSL Certificate

How to secure the Shopify website? Well, one of the primary ways to secure your Shopify store is by obtaining an SSL certificate. The term SSL stands for secure sockets layer. It is a digital certificate that validates the website identity and facilitates an encrypted connection. 

SSL certificate builds a link between the web server and web browser to protect the user data. It also verifies the ownership and limits the development of duplicate websites. 

  • Employ Website Monitor

Once you get an SSL certificate, don't forget to operate the website monitoring as it controls the bandwidth usage, increases productivity, and avoids the interaction of harmful websites. Real-time website monitoring not only focuses on the website performance or the engagement of customers and new visitors. 

But it also shed light on the pages that need improvement and redesigning. Moreover, website monitoring personalizes the customer services like location or time zone to build a good customer relationship. 

  • Perform Regular SQL Checks

Other than this, how to secure your Shopify store from hackers? Well, you can think about performing regular SQL checks that perform faster query processing by recovering the large set of data immediately and effectively. The practice of SQL checks operates under the best circumstances and limits the value range to place it in a single column. 

SQL check is imperative because it validates the architecture process, code, and database design. Along with it, SQL check identifies the issue code (the cause of slow performance), finds potential scalability, and verifies the SQL environment's security. 

  • Integrate Secure Payment Methods

You can win customers' trust by integrating secure payment methods. Shopify supports all the well-known payment methods and has a payment gateway that simplifies the task by collecting the customer's data from the given bank and then generates the further procedure accordingly. 

It has a country-based payment gateway that tracks the customer's location and provides the payment portal respectively. Moreover, Shopify uses a famous payment gateway known as Stripe. It facilitates online payments, user data, and other confidential information and safeguards against any mishappening. 

  • Backup Website Data Regularly

Are you still thinking of how to keep your Shopify eCommerce store secure? Well, don't forget to take the website data's backup regularly because it not only gives you peace of mind but also takes you one step closer to success. 

First of all, the regular data backup minimizes the workload, saves money, offers better reliability, protects the failed hard drives, recovers the failed operating systems, and more. The basic reference of backup website data is to store the data in another space that lets you recover the same data in case of a data breach. 

  • Educate Customers

If you really want to have a Shopify-based online store, you must educate your customers because customer education inspires them to stick to the brand for a longer time and become more loyal. 

Once you start sharing the information with customers related to your products, they'll start seeing your offered products differently and will look for better ways to use them. In basic terms, customers will know about the features of products or how to use them properly and start understanding the tips and tricks that deliver more value. 

  • Avoid Storing Sensitive Data

So, last (but not least) is don't keep the sensitive data. You (as a business owner) should know that preventing sensitive information is much more important than focusing on data breaching because it assesses the uncertainty and solves it immediately. 

You can even add multiple layers of security to protect your data because there are numerous potential targets, the risks are constantly emerging, and more. 


So, do you know how to keep your Shopify eCommerce store secure? I guess you know all the major practices by now. 

If you still have double thoughts while choosing Shopify for your online store, let me tell you that you are off to a strong start. Do you know why? Because Shopify guarantees an A1 service with top-notch security. It has an SSL certificate, monitors the website, integrates payment gateway, and whatnot. 

So, when are you planning to develop your secure online store using Shopify?

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