How To See Patreon Posts For Free?

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How To See Patreon Posts For Free?

Patreon is now one of the most well-known ways for creators to block certain content behind paywalls and supplement their income as creators of content. However, it could be frustrating if you're unable or indifferent to join the creator's Patreon and especially when you see something they're sharing which you'd like to have.

You may find yourself wondering - is there any way to view posts on Patreon without spending money, or having to sign up for a monthly subscription? In this post, we'll show how to see Patreon posts for free

How To View Patreon Posts For Free

It is good to know that there are methods you can take to try to get access to Patreon post for absolutely free - or at least the content behind them.

While none of these are guaranteed to be successful, you'll see that at least one of them works quite often! So, it's worth giving each one of them the chance.

1. Check For Public Releases

Most of the time, Patreon creators will keep content only available to Patreon for a specific period of time, only to let the content go public after.


This allows them to offer customers an additional reward without needing to spend the time to create any additional content.

If you're not joined any Patreon level, you'll be able to see the title, and sometimes an excerpt from the paid-for post. Then, you can connect this with public works the artist or creator has published elsewhere.

If you see they have been posting works publicly, later on, it is possible to be confident that the exact content you're looking for is also going to be posted later.

Make sure you subscribe to or follow the creator on other platforms so that you will be informed when the content goes live and then made available to the public.

2. See If The Content Is Available Somewhere Else For A Cheaper Price

Most of the time, the most cost-effective way to receive all of a creator's work is by signing up for their Patreon. But what if there's only one part of the content you're looking for?

Not all creators do this however, many creators will place separate content on other platforms (such as Gumroad) as its own separate purchase.

This lets users purchase specific pieces of content in one time, instead of having to sign to a monthly or annual membership to Patreon.

For example, they may offer $10 for a Patreon membership that grants you the content you desire and it could be accessible as a stand-alone item on a website such as Gumroad for $3.

This can be a great way to save some money without signing up for their Patreon in any way.

3. Ask Someone Else Who Has It, If Allowed

Some Patreon creators do not have a problem with Patrons sharing content with family or friends, so long as they ensure they have at least one person has paid for it.

So, it's always possible to reach out to anyone who is currently on Patreon or was in the past.

As an example, I had a friend give me an image of some guitar tabs that he got from one of the Patreon creators, who publically said that it was fine to print and share the tabs. He was marketing his Patreon not just to guitarists, but teachers too, which meant that sharing tabs and sheet music was both expected and understood.

But, many creators don't want you to make use of their work even freely.

How To Support Your Favorite Creators On Patreon?

If you'd like to view patron-only posts, subscribe to the creator's Patreon account.

If you love creators who have set up a Patreon account, simply follow the link below and provide your email address and payment information. Once you've done that each month or year when the creator releases new content, you'll be notified via email. You can also click on the notification icon that appears on their profile page to see the entire number of subscribers. The creator will also receive an email with the notification and also.

If you have an existing Patreon account, log in to your account and subscribe/unlock Patron-Only Posts

If already registered with a Patreon account and wish to help creators by supporting them with patron-only posts, simply log onto your profile page and select Subscribe in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of your account (you can do it by clicking here). This will display all of your subscriber-only posts.

Email the creator to request patron-only posts

If you would want to be informed every time a creator releases patron-only content, you can write directly to the creator with your request. Here are the steps on how to do this. For more information on requesting posts for patrons only, please visit our FAQs What are Patreon's terms of use? How can I request Patron-Only Content from my favorite creators?

Subscribe/Unlock Patreon's Posts from your RSS Reader, or the Feedly App

If you've got an RSS reader like Feedly or an application installed (for instance, Google Reader), you can view the entire content you have subscribed to by going to your account's page and clicking "Subscribed" in the drop-down menu located on the right-hand side of the page (you can also do this via this link). This will show all of your subscription-only content. Once you've signed up, there's no need to manually go to the creator's profile page in order to access patron-only content.

Subscribe/Unlock Patreon's Posts from the creator's profile page

If you're logged into your creator's account, you can access their exclusive content for patrons by clicking the 'Patreon' tab in the menu bar at the high of their account page. This will display all their patron-only content. Once you've subscribed, there's no need to go to the profile page of the creator to browse posts for patrons only.

Subscribe/Unlock Patreon Posts from Facebook Page / Fanpage Profile Pages

If you're a follower of a person who has set up a Facebook page or an individual fan page then you can go to your profile, then scroll to the "Patreon" section on their profile (you may also do this via this link). This will display all of your posts that are subscription-only. Once you've subscribed, there's no requirement to go to the profile page of the creator to see patron-only posts.

Wrap Up

Patreon can be described as an online service that is designed to bring artists closer to their customers. The platform is a way to verify the authenticity of the content made by the creators and adds remuneration to the work, which allows artists to practice their craft. As patrons of Patreon, it's our primary responsibility to be a source of assistance to our favorite artists. Let's try our best to limit the urge to view Patreon free posts, and attempt to help and encourage them by buying their official creations, made for you.

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.

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