How To See Unsend Messages On Instagram

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How To See Unsend Messages On Instagram

How to read an unsent message on Instagram?" We all have been there at least once. Actually, Instagram lets users unsend messages at any time they wish, even the one that was sent over 1 year earlier! But, those messages could contain valuable pieces of information. As such we may want to look up an unsend message on Instagram and access the information contained in them. So, what can we do in order to locate an unsent Instagram message?

Certainly, one technique that we've all heard of is to capture screenshots of every single message on Instagram and then save the images somewhere so that you can look them up later. Butwhat happen if you sent a mass DM on Instagram? Of course, this takes plenty of space and as such, we may think that it's unnecessary to take a picture at the moment. Moreover, sometimes the sender may unsend the message right before we have the chance to read it! So, what does when this happens? In the next section, we answer all these questions and show you how to see an unsent message on Instagram quickly and easily.

Can You See Unsent Messages on Instagram?

Officially, there is no way to see unsent messages on Instagram as the platform does not offer any way to retrieve or view messages that have been deleted. The reason why Instagram started the feature of "unsend" for messages was in order to help users delete messages that were of no use or they didn't want the recipient to read or use later.

This feature is available to those who send a message to the wrong person. The message is easily deleted after which, once it's not sent, there is no way the recipient can view it on Instagram. There are, of course, numerous third-party tools that are designed to help you read messages that were not sent.

How To Read Unsent Messages on Instagram

Below are five methods you can use to read unsent messages on Instagram.

Method #1: Save Push Notification

Whenever you receive an Instagram direct message, you'll also receive an email notification that contains the content of the message. If you're quick enough, you'll be able to go through the message on Instagram before you send it out.

The issue is that once the message is not sent, the push notification also disappears. Plus, it's easy to miss or erase a push message. To improve the accuracy of the method try using a notification log app for example NotiSave which saves an archive of all notifications and DMs sent via Instagram. Then, even if an email is not sent there's still a copy in the app's archive.

Method #2: Link Email to Instagram DM

Instagram doesn't allow users to receive email notifications for direct messages, but you can use an app from a third party for assistance. One such app is AiGrow, a multipurpose tool that allows you to automate a variety of tasks on Instagram. Once you connect your Instagram application to AiGrow The app will forward any new direct messages to your inbox in the form of an email notification. You can also reply to those messages directly from your email.

To get started:

  1. Create An AiGrow account and connect your Instagram account.
  2. Go then to "Automation" on AirGrow, and turn on "Email Notifications."
  3. Select the option to enable "Direct Messages". After that, any new direct messages will be sent to your email.

Method #3: Recover Messages From Instagram Server

While an unanswered message is removed from both the sender's and the recipient's chat box, however, it's stored within Instagram's servers. So, you can retrieve months-old messages and see the messages that were deleted.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap on those three vertical lines in the upper-right corner of your screen to open the menu.
  2. Select "Settings" and then tap on "Security" on the next page.
  3. Scroll down, and then tap "Download Data."
  4. On the next screen on the next page, enter your email address and "Request Download".
  5. An email will be sent from Instagram with an option to download your information. There will be three parts. Download "Part 1" only because that contains your chat data.
  6. Next, you'll get redirected to Instagram for downloading data in the form of a zip.
  7. Extract the files using any unzipping tool. Then open the 'messages.json Then, you can view every private conversation you have on Instagram, including the unsent ones.

Method #4: Recover Messages From Connected Facebook Account

In the event that your Instagram account is linked with Facebook then all your messages are backed up on Facebook Messenger. You just need to go to the Messenger app, open the conversation that you're interested in, and you'll be able to see all of the messages you've sent to Instagram messages.

Method #5: Take Screenshots

It's possibly the oldest trick that exists, however it could not be the most efficient as it'd be too much work in the event that you receive a large number of messages. However, if you're ever doubtful that a certain message will be unsent, take a snapshot and save it to your gallery for the duration of time.

Final Words

This was all about how you can see unread messages on Instagram to examine deleted IG messages.

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