How to Setup Setek WiFi Extender via WPS

How to Setup Setek WiFi Extender via WPS

Having trouble boosting your internet signals? Looking for a method to extend the current WiFi network to the remaining disconnected areas? Well, a Setek WiFi range extender setup can make it simple for you to do so. Don't worry if you don't know how to setup a Setek Wireless Extender. You can learn the simple guide for the Setek WiFi range extender Setup here.

Setek Range Extender Setup-

The device that gives an incredibly fast connection in your home or place of business is the Setek WiFi extender setup. It is a signal booster gadget designed to amplify weak signals and increase the current WiFi network's coverage area in sparsely populated areas. To configure the router and repeat the WiFi signals, all you have to do is press and hold the WPS button on your device. To get the 300mbps internet speed, it has 4 high-speed antennae installed. You can quickly connect your Firestick, gaming console, or smart TV with an Ethernet cable by utilizing this extension.


Simple Steps for Setek WiFi Range Extender Setup via WPS-


See the following instructions for setting up a Setek WiFi range extender using WPS:


  • First, connect your extender to the same outlet as your router in the same room. It will facilitate using WPS to establish a quick connection.


  • After that, wait until the extender's solid green LED light starts to blink.


  • The Setek WiFi range extender's WPS button needs to be pressed and held for 5 seconds in the following step. The same procedures apply to your router equipment.


  • On the router and extender, a solid LED light will now start blinking. The Setek extender connects to the router in a maximum of 15–18 seconds.


  • The WPS light on the Setek WiFi extender will switch to a solid green LED after you are connected to it.

  • Your extender should now be placed where you desire internet service after being unplugged.

Note- One thing to keep in mind is to position your extender within the router's coverage area. Place the extension away from appliances that cause interference, such as microwaves and ovens, for improved internet access.


Thus, with these steps, you can easily complete the Setek range extender setup. You can achieve 300mbps internet speed after setting up the Setek extender. It facilitates Ethernet cable connections with devices such as a gaming console, smart TV, firestick, etc.

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