How to start your crypto business with the profitable Binance clone script?

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How to start your crypto business with the profitable Binance clone script?

The cryptocurrency exchange platform is unique and ensures faster transactions. You can buy and sell your cryptocurrency instantly. Instant trading is the future of Binance Clone Script. You will be able to attract more investors to your platform. The Binance Clone Script has various sources to generate money. Not a source? Let's see if we can create a money shower for both admins and users.

Revenue Generating Modules  

Trading Fees

If users want to trade, there may be various trades such as margin and a fixed amount of trade fees. If you want to convert one cryptocurrency to another into fiat currency, the Binance clone script-like exchange platform takes a small percentage of the transaction fee. 

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees are one of the original sources of income in the Binance clone script platform. 


If the user withdrawal cryptocurrency and fiat currency, small fees get charged for certain withdrawals. Additionally, users can withdraw funds from the exchange platform and place them in another wallet; this transaction will charge a small fee.

Liquidation Fees 

If traders want to borrow to increase their position and create leverage, one of the perfect ways to borrow. Margin trading charges some fees based on the amount borrowed and the interest rate determined by the total supply fund available to all traders. If your position is high in liquidation additional fees can be charged.

IEO Fees

An Internal Exchange Offering (IEO) Some entrepreneurs want to introduce their coins to the exchange platform. By launching your IEO exchange, you will be generating a part of the profit and more sales in IEO. Then you will get more revenue in a generation.


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