How to Stream PlayStation 1 Games on Twitch

How to Stream PlayStation 1 Games on Twitch
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28 February 2023

Retro games represent a solid industry these days.

Indeed, they’re not as attractive and sophisticated as modern games, but there’s something about them.

Old gamers prefer the idea of bringing back good memories from their early gaming days, while younger gamers can also appreciate the beginning of the industry.

You definitely need to become familiar with the past in order to appreciate the current evolution of video games.

And this being said, more and more gamers choose to stream PlayStation 1 games on Twitch. Unsurprisingly, their popularity has skyrocketed lately.

Interested in joining the trend? Big fan of old-school games? Here’s what you need to do to stream PlayStation 1 games on the popular network.

Set your Twitch account


This is the first step in the process. You’ll need to create an account. It’s easier to do it on a mobile device because you can adjust settings within minutes only.

Then, go through the settings of your channel, add some personalized elements, add a bio or profile picture and so on. Pretty much everything can be customized.

And while most people would rather care about the streams than the profile, customizing everything is a touch of professionalism.

Then, you’ll need to consider whether or not you’ll use a webcam, not to mention the audio part. PlayStation 1 is a bit picky when it comes to webcams, so there aren’t too many options out there.

Get the games and emulate them


There are lots of PS1 ISOs out there, but make sure you get them from a reputable source. On the same note, there are more emulators that work well with PS1 games, from RetroArch and PSX Emulator to ePSXe and PPSSPP.

Each emulator works differently, but the idea’s always the same. Install the program, go to the folder where your game ISOs are, and load up.

Streaming to Twitch directly from PlayStation 1


The first step implies linking your PlayStation account.

Then, load your favorite game and press the button to share on the controller. More options will pop up. Choose to broadcast gameplay. Then, choose the network, Twitch in this case.

You’ll have a few options regarding the title and video features too.

Once you're done, choose to start broadcasting, and you'll go live. To stop the stream, you'll need to go to the broadcast settings again through the share button. You'll find a button to stop the stream there.

Connecting your PlayStation 1 for a stream


This is the most technical way to stream on Twitch, but also the most preferred one, despite its difficulty.

PlayStation 1 has a low video output resolution, meaning a modern monitor won’t fully support it. Therefore, you’ll need to convert to HDMI

The idea is fairly simple. You need to rely on capture cards, as well as a broadcasting program to play and stream such a game. OBS is probably the most popular software to stream on Twitch.

Streaming over online arcade platforms


Online arcade platforms aim to make your life a bit easier. You'll basically purchase a copy of the game, and you can own it without having the console. They'll allow you to play your favorite games digitally.

Amazon Luna and Antstream Arcade are among the most popular options, but they’re all about providing access to old-school games on modern devices.

When it comes to the streaming part, you'll need broadcasting software. Apart from OBS, you can also use Wirecast, Bandicam, StreamYard, or ShareX, among others.

Bottom line, streaming PlayStation 1 games on Twitch will give you lots of options.

There are two stages in the process. First, you’ll need to find a way to run your games, whether you use emulators or online arcade platforms. You need to get your games on a modern screen. It makes no difference if you rip your old cartridges or you find a reliable source for ISOs.

The second stage implies the streaming part, which is done through various broadcasting programs.

Each of these stages can be done in several ways. Emulating games is the easiest option in terms of getting the games to run. There are more technical options too, but this is the easiest one.

As for the broadcasting programs, OBS and Wirecast are the preferred options for most streamers out there.​

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