How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

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How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing photos and videos. It has many challenges, and one of them is deleting your Instagram account itself! This is quite ironic, don't you think? At a certain point, people think they are finished making reels or making music videos and are now focusing on their lives and their growth. And, when it comes to this, the very first option is to go anonymous or shut down accounts on Instagram. Instagram accounts. I've done it too. Trust me, nothing felt better than this.

So, you need not worry too much about their sudden disappearance from the gram. I'm pretty sure that we all take breaks on social media every now and then. However, it's also possible that they've not removed their Instagram account. Perhaps you're not able to view their Instagram account due to another reason. Honestly, there's a lot of confusion about this. So, how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram account?

How To Tell Me If Someone Deleted Instagram Or Blocked You:

If you're trying to figure out if someone deactivated his account or blocked your Instagram then investigate using a couple of methods that can help you figure out whether you're blocked, or if the user has removed his account from Instagram.

Now in both cases, you won't be able to locate the individual from your Instagram account. However, if we're to log off of your account and then logged into the profile URL of this individual, you'll notice that the person's profile is blocked and you would prefer not to deactivate his profile.

Let's find out through some suggestions that can be helpful for you to find the right things:


1. Check the Profile of that Person

To begin, you should conduct a fundamental level of investigation, by examining your profile on the person who blocked you, or If you're not sure if he has deleted the account. To verify if he has deleted his Instagram account, visit your Instagram account then copy the profile URL of that user and then open his profile on the web or any mobile phone.

If someone has deleted or deactivated their profile, you'd be greeted with a message saying "Sorry, that page isn't available On the other hand, if your profile is blocked, you'll only see items on this profile. They will display a 'no posts yet' stamp and a 'User Not Found' error on the profile tab.

2. Verify using Filter for Changed Username

If the person has just changed the username of his Instagram profile, you would not be able to find out who he was using the old URL. In the meantime, if you're looking at his profile on the basis of the URL, and you're wondering whether you're blocked on not take a look at the profile from your "Following" section of the Instagram profile.

If you can find him out there in the search results, you got this error because he altered his username for his account.

In the meantime, if it's impossible to see him on the following list and you are unable to locate his profile when you log out, that means the person has removed his Instagram account.

3. Take a look at the profile without the need for an account.

You need to look up the profile using your desktop or mobile browser without an account to verify whether the profile is there or not. To find this Instagram profile just make sure you're not logged in and copy the URL of the profile and open it up on your browser.

After typing and pressing the URL, it opens and displays the profile, which generally means neither he was deactivated nor altered his username rather the person had blocked your account on Instagram which is why you couldn't follow him on Instagram.

On the contrary, if you can see the person's profile as saying 'Sorry, this page is not available', then it's clear that the person has disabled his Instagram profile.

4. Accessing the hashtags

Another indicator is that you can look at hashtags on Instagram. If you can locate the account using the hashtags it was using and once you see the profile isn't loading, it is likely that someone blocked you and just deleted his profile.

In both cases you need to determine what actually happened on your profile, to do this, you need to take the hashtags link and then open it on the profile of your friend or an incognito version of your browser.

If you can see the posts that use hashtags on someone else's Instagram profile, that means the person has blocked you, but if you cannot be able to see the same hashtags if you're using a separate account, or the account of a friend this means that the person has removed his account.

If you see another profile that has the same name it could be that the user has set up a new Instagram account, be aware that Instagram cannot allow you to combine accounts.

5. Check your Saved list for Media

If you have seen multiple posts of someone else to your Instagram account and are trying to find those ones but you see those are not available on your list, that indicates that the person has either removed the posts or blocked you from Instagram and causing the deletion of the posts of the individual.

Now if you just saved the bookmark of a post then you may try to check the post with that URL without an account. And if you can see the post, it means that the person who blocked you was actually blocking you on Instagram which causes the removal of your saved post.

6. Ask your Friends to Investigate

The final option is to check that profile from your friend's account If you know someone who has mutual followers and you have to ask for the person to provide the profile whom you suspect has blocked your access.

Now if your friend can send you the link or reveal his profile that's enough to know the person that blocked your account. The reason for this is that the profile was not openable through your account, but a friend of yours was able to discover and view all of the stuff that he had on his profile.

But from your friend's account, If you are unable to see the user, it means that you have deactivated or deleted his Instagram profile. To confirm this you can check the previous filters to see what's happened. The 'hashtag method performs the task perfectly.

Should You Use Third-Party Apps to Check if Someone Left Instagram?

Third-party apps are also accessible for users to find out whether someone has a deleted or deleted account on Instagram, but should you use these? Many third-party applications are not approved or supported by Instagram.

Third-party applications only give you names of individuals who are no longer using the Instagram account. It is up to you to determine whether they removed themselves from your account, or deactivated and erased their accounts.

Third-party apps have always been a source of controversy. It is possible that you need to be assured that the app is safe and is verified by Play Protect on Play Store.

However, generally speaking, it's not recommended to install third-party applications since they could pose a security risk and Instagram often flags certain apps as phishing attempts.

These apps can be used for basic checks however, we would not advise providing them with your login information.

Final Words

That's it, people! How do you tell that someone deleted theirs? Instagram In this post, I've provided various methods that you can find out if someone has actually disappeared from social media, or if they've blocked your account. Use the method that works best for you!

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