How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 15215?

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 15215?
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13 April 2022

If you get QuickBooks error 15215: The "Unable to verify digital signature" error is a common error. please do not worry! We are here to help you by showing you the best way to solve the problem. This error message most often appears on the screen when you try to update your payroll and maintenance version. 

When I try to download a payroll update, it conflicts with another operating system running in the background. This error can cause the server to be tuned and unable to respond to access requests. To solve this problem, you first need to understand the root cause. This will be discussed later in the discussion below. Read this article to find the best way to fix the error as soon as possible. 

There are several factors that can cause this problem. Most importantly, program upgrades and updates. These should be done on a regular basis. However, when a user tries to download a payroll update, they get QuickBooks 15215. However, due to a conflict with another application, the error message "QuickBooks cannot verify the digital signature" is returned. The application is using a lot of bandwidth, so QuickBooks Desktop Payroll may not be able to connect to the server. One of the possible causes is the firewall or firewall settings that prevent QuickBooks Desktop Payroll from connecting to the update server. Let's review other important facts in the next section that may help you fix the error. 

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There are several causes for this error. Let's look at some possible reasons. 

A firewall or firewall configuration where QuickBooks Desktop Payroll may not be able to connect to the update server. 

QuickBooks software is not properly configured or corrupted. The MS Windows machine file or QB payroll application file is infected with a virus, ransomware, or other malware. The QuickBooks pay slip file was accidentally deleted by some program or software. Improper setup of Microsoft IE. Another program running in the background that conflicts with QuickBooks. Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15215 
Check out the list of symptoms that indicate that QuickBooks is suffering from error code 15215: 

Crash all active programs and applications 
 System corruption when running the same program at the same time 

 Error code 15215: The message "The digital signature could not be verified" is displayed on the screen. 

 Windows performance is slow and slow 

 The system responds slowly to keyboard and mouse input 

 The system will start freezing after the specified amount of time.

6 best ways to fix QuickBooks error 15215 

This error is usually caused by a conflict with another application running in the background when you try to download and install a payroll update. The application can be a program that uses a lot of bandwidth to prevent QB Desktop Payroll from connecting to the web server. Now that you understand this update error, it's time to implement the steps to fix it. Below are some effective methods suggested by experts. Let's run them one by one: 

 Method 01: Restart your PC 

⦁ First, restart your computer. This procedure can either force the application that is blocking the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll connection to quit or reset the settings so that the connection can be reestablished. 

⦁ If the problem persists after a reboot, but you still get error 15215 on a regular basis, check your desktop to see if there are any running programs. This may be the cause. Then, fix the problem permanently by following the steps below. 

 Method 02: Run QuickBooks as a Windows administrator 

You can control all Windows applications by running QuickBooks as a Windows administrator. It also makes available the resources that QuickBooks needs to function effectively. 

⦁ First you need to make sure the QB is closed 
⦁ Then click the Desktop icon 
⦁ Then select the Run as administrator 
⦁ Dialog asking if you can do this When the box appears, make changes to the program. On your computer, select the Yes tab. 

Method 03: Make sure you need to enable Use TLS 1.0 and disable Use TLS 1.1 and Use 1.2 in Internet Options 

⦁ First close the QuickBooks software and then open Internet Explorer 

⦁ Then go to Tools >>> Internet Options 

⦁ . Then go to the Advanced tab and click Advanced. 

⦁ Look for options for Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2. 

⦁ Do not check Use TLS1.1 and Use TLS1.2. 

⦁ Click OK to close the window. 

⦁ Next, close the Internet Explorer window as well. 

⦁ Reboot the system and reopen QuickBooks Desktop after the reboot. .. 

⦁ Finally, try downloading the update again.

We hope this article can assist you to resolve QuickBooks error 15215. If the above-shown solution does not fix your problems effectively, it's best to get technical assistance from a professional. Get in contact with our Error Support number at +1-860-215-2261   for technical help and they will help you to troubleshoot your issues efficiently.



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