How To Uninstall Multiple Apps At Once From Android

How To Uninstall Multiple Apps At Once From Android
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19 January 2023

Android phones have the tendency to cluster quickly. These clusters are caused by the congestion of apps that we do not frequently use.

Uninstalling these dormant apps one at a time can be boring and tasking. It is possible to remove them all at once.

This guide will help you identify the way through which you can quickly remove many apps from your phone at once.

How Do You Uninstall Many Apps From Android At Once?

You can do this with either built-in features or third-party tools. Some Android phones also have the 'app info' option on their taskbar. This option allows you to clear out many apps at once. The third-party apps allow you to select many apps at once and hit uninstall.

Using The Built-In Features To Uninstall Many Apps

You can uninstall apps with built-in features on your Android phone. First, you need to go to the settings app. When you get there, find the apps you want to uninstall, and tap on their app info options. A popup menu will appear by default, giving you the option to remove all selected apps.

Tap the option and confirm it. Once you confirm the option, the apps are irreversibly removed.

Not all devices have the 'app info' feature. If your android has it, you can find it in your phone's settings. This feature allows you to view details about an app before you uninstall it.

Using Third-Party Tools For Mass App Uninstallation

Third-party tools that you can use for mass app installation include:

  • App manager;
  • Clean master;
  • Ccleaner.

These tools have to be downloaded from Play Store. Once you have downloaded any one of your choices, open it and select as many apps as you would like to remove. There would be an 'uninstall' button in sight. 

Once you click the button, you would be asked to confirm your decision. Once confirmed, the tool clears out the selected apps and declutters your phone storage.

How To Prevent Unwanted Apps From Installing In The First Place

Your phone's storage may experience a cluster because you let unwanted apps download alongside relevant ones.

Preventing this will ensure the good health of your phone's system. How then do you prevent this? First, you need to review the permission of any app before you install them. look into the type of permission that the app requests for. You should only grant permission to those that are relevant to its functionality.

You can also disable the option to install apps from unknown sources via the settings menu. Additionally, you could download antivirus software. They can protect your phone from malicious software that follows apps you download.

Best Practices For Uninstalling Many Apps

Identify the apps you want to remove beforehand

If possible, make a list of the apps you're sure you want to remove before you proceed with the mass installation. This would help you ensure that you do not remove any app that you need.

Backup your data before any mass installation

If you do not backup data before you uninstall, you may lose valuable information saved on the apps.

Consider an update before uninstalling

If you're uninstalling these apps due to malfunctions or low expectations, check Play Store for an upgrade. This may fix any underlying issue that hinders the performance.

Check for dependencies

You may not know this, but there might be other apps that depend on the app you intend to remove. If you proceed to remove without checking for dependencies, the subset apps might begin to malfunction.

Research the apps before the removal

Before you remove an app, be sure to confirm that they do not aid your phone's core functionality in any way.

Delete your data before removal

If you have created an account on any app you intend to remove, for example, the Textnow app, you should delete the app data before you proceed with the removal.


How do you back up your apps before uninstalling many apps?

This is a very essential step that would save you a lot of stress and trouble. Backing up your data ensures that you do not lose any vital information.

You could backup all important data to cloud backup services such as iCloud or google. After the removal, be sure to restore them if needed later.

How do you recover data from uninstalled apps?

If you backed up the data before uninstalling the app, you could restore them from the source. Or, you could use data recovery software to get the job done. Easeus, Mobisaver, and Recuva are some of these DRS that you could use.

You must note that data recovery is not possible in every case. The chances of recovery depend on the app and the device itself.

How do you optimize your device's performance after uninstalling many apps?

After you uninstall the app, proceed to clear the cache and close background services. Thereafter, you should disable unnecessary services.

Updating the software can help optimize the performance of your android.

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