How to unlock Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14?

How to unlock Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14?
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19 September 2022

Island Sanctuary is set to be introduced in patch 6.2 of Final Fantasy XIV, and players have been waiting for it anxiously. This will enable them to select a region in Eorzea and create their private virtual paradise. Before this feature, only house owners were able to enjoy a private space in the game.

The island sanctuary features robots to help you customize your Island and take care of animals. Now that it is finally available, you may wonder what features does offer or how you can unlock it. This guide features answers to your Island Sanctuary-related questions.

How to unlock Island Sanctuary?

Island sanctuary is a special location in Final Fantasy XIV to help you farm items, hunt animals, and explore new things. It is an end-game location to keep you connected with Eorzea after you have saved it. You have to complete the main quest of the game called Endwalker.

If you are at the start of the game, you have to go a long way ahead, and you will need a lot of FFXIV Gil to achieve your goals fast. Those who have already dealt with the above-mentioned quest can go straight to a non-playing character named Clueless Crier at Old Sharlayan (X: 11.9 Y: 11.0) and take the Seeking Sanctuary quest. This quest features various small quests to help you learn everything about the Island in detail.

What is the Island Sanctuary?

It is an independent part of FFXIV where you can construct new facilities to craft items using materials and sell them at the market to earn in-game currencies such as Islander’s Cowrie and Seafarer’s Cowrie. These currencies are required to take care of animals that you own on the Island.

It acts as a social hub where friends, party members, and company members can visit you. It isn’t mandatory to unlock the Island in the game, but it will keep you engaged for some time after the main quest line ends. Various modes are also available on the Island, and they help you interact with the Island to get the most out of it.

The gather mode is one of the most prominent modes, which lets you collect resources such as rocks and timber. Some other modes include sow mode and capture mode, etc. You can enable or disable these modes from the Islekeep’s Index. It features a separate rank system, and you receive ranks based on experience.

Complete missions and tasks such as crafting, building, and gathering to earn experience. Missions are called visions on the Island, and you have to meet with NPCs to take them. You can unlock new recipes and buildings by completing missions.

For materials that you gather on the Island, you can’t use them in other parts of the game. Items you sell at the market don’t provide you with FFXIV Gil. All the crafted items are saved in the Isleventory.

What to do in Island Sanctuary?

A lot of different things can be done in the Island Sanctuary, and they aren’t difficult at all. The Island is divided into sectors to make it easier for players to enjoy their time here. Each location has a different function, and it is important to learn what you can do at the location.

Cozy Cabin, Pasture, and Cropland

How to unlock Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14?

The main building of the Island is called the Cozy Cabin. Your friends will meet you here. You can play tunes using Orchestrion found in this building. It also features some NPCs that provide you with quests. You can sell items to Horrendous Hoarder for island currencies.

If you need materials to craft equipment or pieces of gear, you can buy them from these NPCs at the Cozy Cabin. It acts as a hub for most tasks in the game. You can customize it to change its looks according to your taste. As the name suggests, Cropland enables you to sow plants.

It is next to the cozy cabin. To do things here, you first need to enable the sow mode. Afterward, plant seeds and water them in the water mode. You don’t have to manually do the second step during rainfall. Harvest your crops for materials to create food for animals.

Pasture holds all creatures, and you can interact with them there. Beckon, pet, and feed modes are available to complete tasks at the pasture. As you do these tasks, your relationship with the creature will be increased. Go to the Creature Comforter NPC in Pasture and get complete information about the desired creature.

Workshop and landmarks

The Workshop is a processing facility where you can produce handicrafts and sell them to NPCs for money. After the Workshop is ready, meet with an NPC named Tactful Taskmaster to start working on the Isleworks Agenda. This way, you can start the production of items with available materials.

If you are short on material, don’t worry and get the required number of materials from the Island first. Crafting items is a long process that takes real hours. To earn some extra experience and boost up the skills of NPCs, you can create landmarks.

Although you need some plots for landmarks to work, it is worth it. To rank up your island sanctuary quickly in Final Fantasy XIV, start by building the landmark. The whole process will take approximately twelve hours.

The Wilds

How to unlock Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14?

Wilds covers most of the island sanctuary, and you will find materials here. While you can collect some materials by hand, you need specific tools to collect other materials. If you use specific tools to collect a material, chances are that you will collect some other materials at the same time.

Hundreds of creatures are also roaming the wilds which can be captured. To capture them, enable the capture mode and keep them in the pasture until you develop a good relationship with them. MMOpixel is a great alternative to all the grinding in MMORPGs, and enjoy them.

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